Esperanza Rising

Jan 8, 2016
by: JihoOHS

I read a book "Esperanza Rising". It's the story about Esperanza, in 1924, and it's kind of blue. Esperanza was living in El Centro, Mexico. In her family, there are her mom, and dad, that's it.

They were a rich in her country, and they were always happy. However, her dad was died in her birthday, and the sad story started from there. Her dad had a lot of land, and he gave that to his step brother, Tio Marco. The more interesting thing is that Tio Marco wanted to get marry with Esperanza's mom. Her mom really didn't want that, so she and her mom and other family went to US. They had really hard time in US at first. All of them were just working. However, suddenly, Esperanza's mom got sick really bad. She had to go to the hospital for that. It was so bad that Esperanza could not see her own mom for a half of a year. Happily, her mom didn't pass away. And, they lived happy life.

There were many things that I can't understand because it was happened in 1924, so there was something like discrimination, and the thing that all of the people from another country, lived in a camp. Especially the discrimination, it was too bad. And also for the camp, too. People from other country lived together, in the small place.

If my life was like Esperanza, I think I would just give up my life. Lost my dad, mom got sick, and live in another country are the most terrible things. However, she didn't give up, and did her best. I felt a lot while I was reading this book. I was so proud of Esperanza. I will live my life like her.


Hi! I read this book a couple

Submitted by jesskim34 on Sat, 2016-01-09 18:10.

Hi! I read this book a couple years ago and just remember that I really enjoyed it. The fact that it is about a family and girl who need to overcome many obstacles while living in a new country is very relatable to a lot of immigrants. This book is unique in the fact that its based on a different nationalities culture trying to live in a new country where the culture is different and there is a lot of discrimination. I read a similar book, "The House on Mango Street'' which is about a hispanic family and girl who try to assimilate within a Hispanic community in America.

I'm going say the truth I

Submitted by vasquezj19 on Mon, 2016-01-11 15:10.

I'm going say the truth I love the book from two or three years ago. I read this book it amazing I love it. Impressive twist and plot I love this story because not only it's a great book but this relates to how I came to America as Esperanza.