Estuardo's Animated Introduction

Oct 28, 2014

Here is my animated introduction:

My name is Estuardo, and I am from Guatemala. I am a student at the Cobble Hill High School, in Brooklyn, New York. I was born on october 8, 1995 in Solola, Guatemala, but I lived in Totonicapán Guatemala for 5 years because my father was from there and at this time Solola and Totonicapan were at war. Many people were dying because of the war. 6 years later we came back to our home but we didn't stay long because people do not like us in that place, and my mother decided to move us again to. Argueta.

There, the economy was not good, so my mother decided to immigrate to New York for a better life, and I had to move in with my grandparents in Panajachel. They have a good house and business and they taught me to work in my grandfather's bakery making all types of bread, cake and cookies.

Three years later I immigrated alone from Guatemala to New York. I had some problems when I came here because I was an undocumented immigrant. The police caught me on the border and they sent me to a cold jail in San Antonio, Texas, then Houston, then Seattle. Finally they sent me to my parents in Brooklyn, New York, and now I am student here. At present I live in Coney Island, and that place is really different from my country. Sometimes I miss my country with my family and friends.

I like everything about school because it is better than Guatemala, and a little more advanced. All the courses are different. in guatemala the schools are private, and not very many people can study. But in New York the schools are public so we have a big opportunity to graduate from high school. In the school sometimes we take trips to other places and we can see museums. That's good for learning more about the culture from this country.

Out of school I don't like to do anything. I think it is because I don't have time to do much because I work for a construction company. When I came to this country I was supposed to work instead of going to school. But because immigration caught me, I was required to go. I work weekends too in the same company. Any day that we don't have class, I work so I don't have time to do anything more. Sometime I wish to live my life with my friends, just having fun, but I think not now because to stay in this country is a big blessing for me because I can work, and I can study. I work hard because my grandparents always were working and they are good people.


good video

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Submitted by bairon.arriola on Mon, 2014-11-03 15:39.

good video because, has things about your country and this country has beautiful and sights

pawtoon comment

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Submitted by usama.muraad on Mon, 2014-11-17 01:05.

Dear Estuardo,

I am interested in how you mange of doing construction work as same time you getting your education, because most of the guys I know that dropped out from their school and start doing construction. They think construction is more wroth then education.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is New York the schools are public so we have a big opportunity to graduate from high school I think this really help the student when they comes form another country because your country and my country is still developing country so we have pay fees for school to able get good education.

Your animated introduction reminds me of something that happened to my friends because you have a similar life like my friends about contrition work that you do but the difference is they drop outs and your still study but they going blames for not getting education when they going have to take care of their kids.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because how can you be successful be in life doing part time job and school. While your learning English. How you fight throw the struggle in jail without parents.