EVOKE After a Few Weeks

Mar 25, 2010
by: tkim

A few weeks ago, I became an http://www.urgentevoke.com/profile/EricTaeilKim on in a global network of social innovators. Urgent EVOKE: A Crash Course in Saving the World opened on March 3, 2010. It’s a game, a blog, a quest to save the world, and a mission all in one. It was designed and is directed by Jane McGonigal for the World Bank Institute.


EVOKE has been open three weeks and already has more than 13,000 members. The game will last 10 weeks, concluding on May 12th 2010, with a new quest and a new mission unlocked each week. In the first mission agents were asked to see where they would be in 10 years.

The first thing I looked at was this 90-second trailer: EVOKE trailer from Alchemy on Vimeo. I thought the trailer was mysterious because there was a glowing green mask. But, I wasn't really interested in playing the game.

I like the way the story is presented, because the comics told the story for the week. For example, there was a food shortage in Tokyo in the first week. It was easy to see what was going on because the graphic novel clearly illustrated it.

Weekly Missions

Each week, agents were given missions and quests. My favorite quest so far was the first one. This quest was fun, because I got to use my imagination in creating an agent that would be saving the world. On the surface, this quest was to imagine yourself in the future, 10 years from now.

 Each week's mission has three parts: Learn, Act, and Imagine, and so far I'm enjoying the Imagine ones the most because I get to make up anything I want. My best mission so far has been the first week, the one about Social Innovation.

 The "learn" part of this mission was to analyze the problem and learn what it is about. As you can see in my http://www.urgentevoke.com/profiles/blogs/food-shortage-5 for this part of the mission, I learned food shortages are dangerous and can kill a lot of people. Also, even the community around me can be having food shortages and I wouldn't even know.

 The “act” part was to do something that would help the community around you. The "act" part didn't really interest me much as the "imagine" part.

 For “imagine” we were asked to use our imagination. What I like most about what I put up was http://www.urgentevoke.co/profiles/blogs/in-2020-i-will-be-working-for. This made me think about my future and what I will have become.

First Impressions of EVOKE

When I first started playing Evoke, I thought, "Is this even a game?" Now, I'm wondering, will we do anything that involves anything other than just blogging of something? The most interesting part of the game is the graphic novels.

Some have even wondered if Evoke is a game. I think it is a game, it's just not like the ones we've played before. We watched a TED video in which Jane McGonigal  explains these types of games, and I'm thinking now that the kind of games we play will evolve just as humans did.

I am not looking forward to the next episodes of Evoke, because it doesn't seem like a fun game to me. I'm more of a shooting, intense violence, and action games. Evoke isn't a game I would like because there's so much blogging and no action. The comics are interesting but I think the game should be more action-packed.