examples of previous Letters to the Next President

Feb 1, 2016
by: csloan
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Here are some examples that students wrote for the "Letters to the Next President" in 2008.

Laura: We the people are called to vote every four years for one person who will make most of the decisions and changes for our country. This years election is more important than many previous elections. We've undergone a long republican rule and now it's time for a fresh face. We need change, but not any change we need to be intelligent about our choices. The following issues are things I want the next president to consider and make a stand about.

The war in Iraq needs to end. I know it is impossible to remove our troops now, but we need to wrap things up and quickly. The sooner we are out the better. We aren't helping anyone by staying over there, but we are separating families and allowing people to die. I want a president that has a plan to get out of Iraq and I want the plan to be well thought out. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed from both sides with all seriousness.

The men and women in our military risk their lives for our freedom. They shouldn't be sent to war without a definite mission in mind. If we don't even know why they are being sent overseas then they probably shouldn't be there. Americans need to be more skeptical and ask more questions. Put politicians on the spot. If they aren't comfortable with an answer then we shouldn't accept it as a solution.

President John F. Kennedy once said, "our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air." The world is the only place we have to live. I know I don't want to live in a polluted, smelly, disgusting world. We have the technology to find alternative energy sources. In the long run these changes will benefit everyone.

We can't rely on other countries to provide our energy. Our goal is energy independence. This will help our economy as well. Clean renewable sources are the way of the future. There's so much room to improve. Right now we are just being lazy. We want cheap energy A.S.A.P. This mentality has to change. Which is more important: the well being of people and the world as a whole or getting to where you need to go? Think ahead use your resources and make a change. We all need one.


Teresa: Recently I've been filling out college application after college application. One after another I fill out, checking off the "Yes" box for financial aid each time. By checking this box I have been reminded, time after time, to first apply for federal aid before I can be considered for aid from school funding. One box, one form; sounds simple enough. Yet with today's current economic crisis, even all the necessary steps being taken could cause students to fall short of securing enough funding for a college education.

In January students across the nation will be filling out federal aid forms before entering into the 09-10 school year. With current conditions, many students will not receive the amount of aid they are eligible for. The opportunities that have been available to American students in the past will decrease with this lack of funds. Banks are not willing to take the risks they could in the past, leaving students without the chance to expand their educational experiences and go to their college of choice.

People are looking to you, the next President, to turn this economy around. By stabilizing the banks across the country, the issue will begin to work itself out. Banks need to feel secure in loaning out large sums of money towards education so that the future of this country can continue to prosper.

The effects of the student-loan issue will reach out far beyond this next school year. The future of America as the land of opportunities, and as a top-educating country, is at risk. Our economy being at an all time low is no excuse for disabling people's will to learn. It should not carry over to the standards at which people are educated. Student loans need to be available and accessible to the common people. Education is one of the highest priorities of the country, teaching young adults to become the next generation leaders and problem-solvers. This issue needs to be solved, and the country is looking to the next President to start the process. Make a difference in America by providing means for students to get the education they deserve.