Expanding Gay Rights

Oct 10, 2011
by: monotone4

  Britian is an interesting country that seems to be parallel to America in political and social change. One thing however that Britain is ahead of America on is its views of gay rights. For decades, Britain has been a country that supports their gay communities and passing reform in the government in favor of gay rights. Under the leadership of prime minister James Cameron; Britain is trying impose  this equality  principle to other countries it funds. In places like Malawi, Britain is already “cutting aid by $30 million after two homosexuals who held an engagement ceremony were sentenced to 14 months hard labor.’’ Other countries include Uganda as well as other former colonies of British empire the U.K. is still supporting finically .With this initiative the British government is  trying to make homosexuality more accepted in other countries. In Addition, last month “the leaders of Britain's three main political parties pledged their support for a new London-based gay rights organization, called Kaleidoscope, hoping to modernize gay rights in former British colonies.”

By reading this article it seems at least to myself that the British are far ahead in their treatment of Gay rights. Enough though the great success of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the U.S. military has shown process of the issue, there are still many rights that gay people as well as the rest of the LGBTQ community do not have. I think that America try in this case to follow in the footsteps of the country that we liberated our self over two hundred years ago. We should make America a place where gays can be treated with respect and well as supported by the government. I hope this will happen soon so that we can show the world that we can as a country accept others despite their sexual orientation and be a model for other countries on the issue. 


Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/10/10/tough-love-britain-will-cut-aid-to-anti-gay-nations/#ixzz1aQrO4EBB