Experience from Students Like Us

May 3, 2011

While browsing stories on Quakestories I came accross this story written by a student named Dan he is a student like us, except he has gone through a different experience from us. To read the whole story you can click on the following link: Dan's Story. To read other stories from the same school, click on the link: Yokohoma International School.


When I read the story I was amazed at how technology was used by a kid away from home to keep safe. This showed me that technology does solve a person problem, technology is the solution to any problem, and this scenario has proved it. When Dan wanted to find his school after learning that transportation wasn't working normally, he used an pre-installed application called Google Maps, that helped him find his way back. I thought this is interesting because if I were to find my self in a situation like this I would most likely use my phone to call my parents to come and get me. I have an iPhone and it has become useful when I have needed it to find my way around an unfamiliar area. What had surprised me the most was that a form of technology mostly used to communicate, entertain others was used to help keep a person safe. In my opinion this is good because it shows that not everyone loses control when freaking out and starting to panic and they use technology to help them. If you were to find yourself in a situation like this, in an area that you are not really familiar with, what would you do?