Eye Down the Shark

Feb 15, 2012

Somewhere inside all of us, we all have a fear of sharks. They cause us to fear deep water and swimming in the ocean. Thanks to Jaws, sharks are one of the most feared organisms in the world. So what would you do if you were caught in the jaws of one? Rodney Fox lived to tell the tale as he battled a great white shark. He barely made it out alive as he hit the eyes on the shark, temporarily blinding him. So MythBusters took on the challenge to see if hitting a shark’s eye can really save a person. To test this they used a mechanical shark that would turn off when the person hit the eyes. Tory Belleci, a MythBuster volunteer, took 15 seconds to locate the eyes and cause enough damage. Although this worked, 15 seconds is a long time and by the time they find the eyes, the shark could cause some serious damage. Fox barely survived with all of his ribs broken, punctured his lungs and diaphragm, and needed more then 400 stitches. So if you ever get stuck in the jaws of a great white, make sure you go for the eyes if you want a chance to tell the story.

I have a fear of sharks, which is why I find this story to be interesting. I always thought that once you were caught by the best, you were long gone. But it turns out the eyes are the sharks most vulnerable spot. I learned that if I ever get stuck in the sharp teeth of a shark, the best hope it to go for the eyes and pray that I make it out alive.