The Eye of Minds

Nov 15, 2015
by: TravisA
the cover of "The Eye of Minds"

I recently finished reading a book called "The Eye of Minds." This story is about about a teenage hacker, Michael, that is thrown into a situation. Him and his two friends, Bryson and Sarah, must track down a hacker that is negatively affecting people's lives inside and outside of virtual reality.

Next, here is a response that I've written about the story. It's a three entry journal through the perspective of Michael. You don't have to read it unless you want a better understanding of the plot.

"Entry 1:
Today was pretty messed up and I still do not understand what really happened. Inside of Lifeblood Deep, a game on the VirtNet, I was walking along on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sitting on the railing, I spotted a girl through the mist that was staring down into the waters far below. She looked as if she was ready to jump and end her life, but it didn’t seem like that big of a deal considering that she would ju trapped people st be lifted from the Sleep. The look on her face told me otherwise. She had pure terror marked between her ears. She kept saying that everything wasn’t just a game; that it was all real and how Kaine trapped her and experimented on her. Right in front of me, the girl began to driving her fingers into her right temple, peeling away her skin, focused on coding, and tore out her Core, the device that protected players’ brains while they were in the Sleep. If you die in the Sleep without your Core, you die for real. I jumped towards her but she screamed and actually pushed herself off of the bridge. I caught her mid-air. As we plummeted towards the gray waters, I found the calmness in her eyes to be more terrifying than the fall. The pain of the impact was short but excruciating. I was back inside of my room. Inside of my Coffin. I knew that I couldn’t say the same thing for the girl. Her name was Tanya.

Entry #2:
On my way to school today, I was walking to the subway to catch the train, as usual. I took my normal shortcut down a one-way alley. Suddenly, I heard the screech of tires and I spun around. There was a car barreling down the alleyway and I knew that it had to do with me. I started sprinting and dove behind a garbage bin, realizing that I couldn’t outrun the speeding vehicle. When the car screeched to a halt, I jumped out and was ready to start running again. Unfortunately, I froze just long enough when I saw him step out that he was able to tackle me. The man told me that I had to get in the car. Knowing that I had no chance of escaping, I had to do what I was told. I was taken to a building and talked to a women, Diane Weber, from VNS, the VirtNet Security, who assigned me to find Kaine’s hideout so they could learn the truth behind the Mortality Doctrine. Before I could do anything, she jumped out her chair, which fell backwards, and said that I was followed. As we rushed out of the door, she told me to tell my friends, Bryson and Sarah, what she had told me. If I told anybody else, they would be “erased”. She wanted us to use our hacking skills to track down Kaine. Abruptly, one of the guards said “Let’s go.” and they started pulling me away, back outside. We did not head back towards the car, though. They took me down countless hallways until we ended up at a subway station. Instead of going to school, I just went back home.

Entry #3
Bryson, Sarah, and I went to the Black and Blue club. We were headed there because the owner, Ronika, knew where The Path was. The Path was a secret portal that led to Kaine’s hideout. We had to cut our way in through the code to get in since the security was so good at figuring out who wasn’t allowed in. Once we went around to the back of the club, we saw two monsterous looking bouncers. Sarah got the idea of hacking into their personal files so they’d let us in instead of just breaking through all of the firewalls. The three of us approached the bouncers and the bluff was on. Sarah took charge and threatened them by saying that she would publish their files and start deleting things they wouldn’t want deleted. After trying to act all tough, they finally broke and let us in. As we searched the huge, dense crowd of people, I got separated from Bryson and Sarah. I heard a woman’s laugh that cut through the music and fell through the floor. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a room with formal furniture and my friends were standing nearby. Sarah called out for somebody and a woman walked in. We already knew it was Ronika but we asked anyway. I told her that we were looking for Kaine and The Path. Suddenly, Bryson stood up and exclaimed that his Tracer just lit up. Kaine knew we were here and he’s close. Unexpectedly, Ronika calmly replied “Well, of course he is.”. She said we were safe; that he would never cross her. As we interrogated her, she revealed that The Path was inside a trench in a game called Devils of Destruction. Without warning, something between a high-pitched screech and a howl tore through my body. Ronika then realized that it wasn’t Kaine that Bryson’s Tracer picked up, it was a group of KillSims. They were shadowy, wolfish looking creatures that were sent to do exactly what their name implies. The KillSims would suck the virtual life out of you and kill you, but when you woke up from the Sleep, your brain would be completely destroyed. That’s what happened to Ronika and what almost happened to me. One of them got so close to biting my face that I started having excruciatingly painful headaches afterwards. I’m glad that Bryson and Sarah got out unharmed. At least we got exactly what we came for."

I can't think of any important message that could be taken out from the story. If you could comment what you think it could be, that'd be great!