Eye Visions

Oct 16, 2009
by: Tanishaa
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  Every person has eyes to see, but some people have less vision and some people can't see at all. A full vision is 20-20, some people don't really have 20-20 vision. For example, some people have 20-18, 17-17, 12-3 etc. Some people are born with no sight, less vision, or full. In a few people the eye balls does not develop and in some others the nerve fails. Others loose their 20-20 vision when their older, like me. I was told I lost my eyesight because i watched television to close. Other say for going on the computer so much. I believe everywhere from genetics to excessive close-up work according to more mainstream optometric source other alternative eye enthusiasts believe it is even the bodies' reaction to stress and anxiety of everyday life. I have heard 10 techniques to get your eyesight better:


1.  Relax your eyes first thing in the morning by covering them with a soft dark cloth.
2.  After you are out of bed, move your eyes smoothly and easily.  Let them edge around things throughout the day.
3.  Splash cold water on your eyes to stimulate the nerves and blood circulation.
4.  After breakfast, sit and relax with your eyes closed and visualize the food you ate.
5.  Expose closed eyes to the morning and afternoon sun.
6.  Do the palming exercises throughout the day.
7.  Practice with the pendulum.
8.  Let your eyes wander to the play chart.
9.  Do the swinging exercise for five minutes.
10.  Wear the pinhole spectacles around the house
Most of the time  this doesn't work. You might have bad eyesight for rest of your life just like me. You can get contacts, but to me I think contacts is dangerous. Once my cousins mom got her contacts stuck all the way back. The doctors had to cut of her top of her eyes just to get it out. We should really stick with glasses.