Fable Scratch Project

May 6, 2014
by: 19huanga
Aesop Fable Scratch Animation Project

A: Investigate- The Salt Merchant and His Ass
a) The Salt Merchant and His Ass, author: unknown
b) http://www.aesopfables.com/cgi/aesop1.cgi?4&TheSaltMerchantandHisAss
c) The ass and the salt merchant
d) Whether to fall on the ground or not
e) The character’s choice was to purposely fall to get rid of the weight and in consequence, due to sponges it got heavier
f) Could have not done that and happily live life
g) Don’t purposely do things to get less work than is assigned

B: Design
Story Script
[Ass and salt merchant enters scene]
[The Ass moves along and the merchant buys salt]
Merchant: Let’s go home now
[The Ass accidentally falls on the ground, dissolving the salt making the load lighter]
Ass (thinking): Hmmmm…
[They go back to the seashore to buy more salt]
[As they walked along…]

Viewer Interaction:
Ass: [Should I fall again or should I not?]


[two sprites appear, one labeled Positive and one labeled Negative. Pause until the viewer clicks one of the two sprites]

They Ass doesn’t fall, making the merchant think “good boy” and when they buy the sponge, the horse is grateful he didn’t fall. Afterward they live, forever getting salt everyday, and living happily ever after.
[Walks along the beach shore]
[The horse is thinking of falling again…]
[Two choices come up to either fall or not fall]
[The reader chooses not to fall]
[the Salt merchant sees this and thinks for a moment]
Salt merchant: … Good boy
[The Salt merchant leads him to different path way, leading to another store]
Ass: ?
[The Salt merchant buys a bag of sponges]
[The ass sees it and thinks…]
[The ass imagines himself falling and sees the sponges become bigger and heavier, and sees himself suffering]
Ass: (Woah! If I had purposely fallen in the water… the sponges would’ve made the bags heavier!]
[The ass shivers at this thought]
[The ass and the salt merchant goes home, and the ass who has learned a lesson and is grateful for not have made the wrong choice never escaped his duty again]

The Ass falls and they go back to get sponges, which when he falls, makes his load a lot heavier, forcing him to go back home with this burden, and learning to never do it again.
[Walks along the beach shore]
[The horse is thinking of falling again…]
[Two choices come up to either fall or not fall]
[The reader chooses to fall]
[The salt merchant sees this and thinks for a moment]
Salt merchant: *sigh (I need to teach this ass a lesson)
[the salt merchant leads the ass to a different path]
Ass: ?
[The salt merchant buys a bag of sponges]
Ass: *snort (I’ll just fall down again)
[The ass and salt merchant walk along the beach shore again, and the ass falls down again]
[The sponges fill up with water and become much heavier than it had been]
Ass: WOAH!
[The ass becomes confused but is left to suffer while walking back home, with this much heavier weight]
[When they get home, the ass had learnt his lesson and had never tried to escape his duty ever again]

Tools: Laptop, access to Internet, scratch website, etc.
Materials: sprites, internet, etc.
Time: Till next week
Location: School and home
Money: zero

I really think I should have used better time management, because although I spent 3 hours on my scratch, it was relatively short and could have been longer. I also could have used more speech to make the scratch more understandable, and more movements to show the scratch.



Peer Review

Submitted by 19tianc on Thu, 2014-05-08 13:34.

Dear Audrey,
I really like your project because I think it was really creative and the moral was important. I also liked the idea.
However, I think that you could improve on several things. For example, the animation should be much longer. Also, the animation wasn't very clear and it was hard to understand what exactly was going on.
I think your Design Cycle matched your animation pretty well. I think you stated everything honestly and clearly.
In conclusion, your project had a nice idea but it could be improved if you could make the project clearer and easier to understand.

Peer Review

Submitted by 19tianc on Thu, 2014-05-08 13:05.

Dear Audrey,

Peer Review

19atturs's picture
Submitted by 19atturs on Sun, 2014-05-11 11:22.

Dear Cassie,

Nice animation! Your animation was great when it came to humor,morality and following your storyboards and script. One thing you could have worked on was the length of your animation. It was far too short, next time, time your animation and add more scripts and actions to it. Other than that, it followed everything. Great Job!

Peer Review

Submitted by 19astonf on Mon, 2014-05-12 00:04.

dear audrey,
you did a good job by following the script. your project showed a good display of the ethical design and it was a creative way to show the story. you included everything that was required. one thing you could have worked on is actually uploading the project correctly. i know that you finished all the developer's journal and the project plan and they followed each other well.