Is Facebook affecting my grades?

Apr 15, 2012
by: marser

I am interested in learning if different social networks affect how students perform in school. Approximately a month ago, my sister and I did a study where we stayed off Facebook for two weeks that out grades would change. We did it, and our grades did change, and I started to focus more on what is going on in school rather than what I see on Facebook. I think if students start to think, they would realize that Facebook takes up too much time.

I already know that I and students that spend a lot of time on Facebook should not be on Facebook. I also know that if I were to make a list of the good and bads from Facebook, the bad would outway the good. Also, I feel that I should not worry about what others are updating their status about, because I know what they’re talking about most likely won’t help me with my studies. Lastly, I know that it is true, students that are on Facebook most of the time does not perform well in school.

In my first article, a college professor did research on students and seen where they GPA grades are. It also showed how many times throughout the day check their Facebook, which includes chatting, updating photo, viewing notifications and checking other Facebook friends status. This article answered my question. It was proven that Facebook has a negative affect students GPA.

My second source states that not only is students academic performances being affected, but also students financial status are being affected as well. The article also states that Facebook using students are twice as likely to participate in extracurricular activities. This article proved that Facebook has negative and positive effects on students grades. One positive affect is that students on Facebook feel welcomed by other students on Facebook. One negative affect is that students that try to multitask, study while on facebook, their grades drop by 20%. This article did answer my question as stated, students grades drop 20%.

The third source states that Facebook students and their parents have gotten into arguments about time spent on Facebook and their grades. In this article, a survey was taking and it also stated that students who are on Facebook, feels more connected to their school and community. Negative effects in this article states that students are better off participating in after school activities then going on Facebook. This does answer my question, it also gives me a two sided answer.

Within my fourth source, the first sentence in this article sums up my whole post. In this article, it states that users that are not on a social network spend 11-15 hours studying while those that are on a social network spend 1-5 hours a week. This article does answer my question, because it proves that Facebook is a distraction to a student if their are spending such a large amount of time on it.

In my fifth source, it states, “College students who use the 200 million- member social network have significantly lower grade-point averages (GPAs) than those who do not.” This article was a good source to use because it showed good comparisons from non Facebook users and those that are Facebook. Yes this article does answer my question, and provides me with multiple answers.

Overall, all of my sources have answered my question. Not only is Facebook distracting, but other social media nets that kids join are also distracting. I have learned that not only do Facebook affect grades, it also affects the child’s interaction with the family and self-esteem. If somebody that is still in school or is working, I think they should cut back on Facebook usage because it will be very hard for them to show 100% capability to their main priority. Someone once told me that I should cut back on the use, bece eventually their will be a social media that will come out and will be even better. They also stated that I should mainly just focus on my education because Facebook is not going to help me pay my biulls. I agree with everything they said and what the articles I read said.