Facebook: Pros And Cons

Feb 1, 2012
by: cgruis8

As a tribute to Digital Learning Day, I read two articles having to do with technology --- the first one about how we, especially teenagers and students, use Facebook, and the second about how people often share their passwords with each other.

First of all, I think that there are many positive aspects of having a Facebook. It allows all of us an easy way to communicate with a wide variety of people, from friends at school to family members across the country. We can express ourselves through pictures and words, and show our interests via liking pages and updating our profile.

However, saying that, there are also many downsides to this technology. It's a new way for our era to be influenced by the media. Advertisements are all over the website --- asking us to buy products because our friends have "liked" them, and different companies even have their own pages and profiles on Facebook. A second problem that Facebook has to do with the second article that I read --- sharing passwords. Best friends or couples often share their passwords with each other for whatever reason. Almost everybody has read a post on Facebook that says "Hacked by so-and so!" This can cause problems when relationships end or when friends get into fights, and has the power to damage reputations. Altogether, Facebook is a positive invention that allows for quick and easy communication, but just like anything else, we have to be careful on how we go about using it.




Submitted by AlexVanDongen on Wed, 2012-02-01 17:38.

I found your post about facebook very interesting. I think facebook is a technology that practically everyone enjoys yet does not take the time to think of the risks that go along with it. I especially agree with you when you talk about the benefits of facebook. Communicating with family and friends is so much easier now with facebook. Within seconds the entire family can know news that happened only minutes ago. It is almost like sending out a mass text only easier and more public. However, I think a con that goes along with that has to do with the breakdown in communication between long distance (sometimes even short distance) family members. Now that everyday new information is posted about the family there is no need to call and "catch up" everyone knows what is going on all the time. If, before facebook, your soul reason for calling a family member was to see what was going on then that has already been accomplished with you actually having to interact with that person at all.
I also definitely agree with you when it comes to sharing passwords. Passwords should be kept private to hold the integrity of each persons However, with all this being said, I do think facebook is a great technology with far more benefits than problems. I love posting status' reading comments and looking at pictures of family and friends!!

I agree with the points you

Submitted by jbrimley3 on Wed, 2012-02-01 17:41.

I agree with the points you made about facebook. Being a facebook user myself, it bothers me that people are trying to sell me products when I am simply trying to pass the time and see what my friends are up. The internet itself has just become a gigantic marketplace. Everywhere you look someone is trying to make a profit off of you. Most people would probably agree that they hate when others come up to their face and try and sell them something. I look at the internet as the same sort of deal. Just leave me alone!
I hate to bring up another point about facebook that bothers me because it makes me look like a negative nancy, but I'm going to do it anyway. People hacking eachother and posting heinous things is really annoying. I don't want to read about people going to the bathroom or whatever else the hacker thinks is funny. I have personally had my facebook hacked, and it was really upsetting that someone could change all my things to make me look like someone I'm not. Facebook also is a drama machine, and sharing passwords just feeds it. People fight, relationships end, and sometimes it can get very personal. You should never share a password with anyone you think you can trust, it could really come back to bite you in the booty.


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I agree with the two sides two facebook you mentioned, and feel the same way. I would like to give a little more credit to facebook as a modern day way of communicating. Because of facebook many people stay in touch with people, family and friends, they don't see very often. Facebook is a way to stay connected to those that a person wouldn't always communicate on a regular basis. Catlin used the word, expression, with facebook. Some believe technology takes away creativity or that expression but facebook enhances users to express themselves for others to see.

I recognize that advertisements seem to spread all over the web, but how much more influence do those advertisements have than others we see on TV or read else where?

As for the other topic you read, passwords, I never thought about sharing a password with a friend as a bad thing. If someone knows my password it is because I trust them and wouldn't expect to be hacked. Still, there are relationships that get to such a low point where hacking becomes a method of revenge and that is unfortunate.

The fb

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hello Caityln
I agree to a full extend about everything you have to say. Facebook has completely blown up and is now a world wide phenomenon. Literally all my family member have a Facebook, I like it though because it allows me to stay in touch with all of them. Facebook is quite addicting, I find my self constantly slacking off on Facebook when I should be doing homework. The pro's highly defeat the con's if you ask me. As long as you can be responsible about. I hope to see some more of your writing.

Advertising and hacking

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Caitlin, I share your concerns about the challenges apps like Facebook give us.


What do you think we should teach in schools to help people stay in charge of their digital lives?




Dear cgruis8 I really

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Submitted by harniy on Sun, 2012-03-04 20:21.

Dear cgruis8

I really enjoyed reading your post. Your post,”Facebook: Pros and Cons”,was relevant to me because just like most people, I do use Facebook. This post also shed more light for me about what was is really happening on Facebook behind all the “likes”,and “hacked” statuses. One sentence that you wrote that stood out for me was,” Best friends or couples often share their passwords with each other for whatever reason”. This stood out to me because I personally think this is really unintelligent. It doesn’t matter if a person is your boyfriend or your bestfriend, like you mentioned, this could backfire if these relationships don’t go well.

Another sentence that I found interesting was,”Although, Facebook is a positive invention that allows for quick and easy communication, but just like anything else, we have to be careful on how we go about using it”. It stood out for me because I feel that this is completely true. Facebook is basically what we make of it. It can be the most positive environment full of friends and games, or it can become a really negative site because of how people use it, and possibly abuse it. Some people see Facebook as a rather negative site, but its the users who soil and defy the true purpose of this amazing social networking site.

Your post reminds me of what some of my friends usually do. I regularly see my friends’ statuses saying things like, “This is the bestie hacking or, This be the wifey hacking my babe’s Facebook”. When I see posts like this, I think about why a person would give their Facebook password away in the first place. I believe there are certain limitations to any type of relationship and this is one of them. There could be things about you on Facebook that you really may not want your bestfriend or sister to know about. I personally have never had a type of relationship where a person and I could have gotten so close that I would share my password; regardless, it would be improbable because sharing passwords is completely irresponsible and unintelligent.

Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you may write next. I really enjoyed reading this because its really relevant especially, in today’s society. What would bring me back is the way you write about things that so many teens do constantly. What would also bring me back is the way you wrote about something that people can relate to or, have seen.