Fall of Five Similar to Unrecognized Heroes in the Country

Jan 13, 2014

My book, Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore is similar to the real world issue of unrecognized heroes. ON a daily basis we might pass a few people who have served the country, and yet we wouldn’t know it. I know its pretty weird to say such a thing but it is true. Its not like we have a full and complete profile of every person we have met. We don’t know the experiences a person has been through. For example there could be a group of men and women talking and you might think, from a distance that they might seem like a group of people who should be doing something else. Just like the Garde, they risk their lives and the very existence of their own people to save the Earth yet they go unrecognized and the people who they are trying to save are working against them. Its a really crappy kind of feeling because it would really result in you not being recognized for what would have been the greatest accomplishment.

It follows the same pattern of the other books where it all seems to be going just as planned and they will fight someone and then one person dies. Not just any person, like a secondary character that is close to one of the main characters or one of the bad guys. NO, it has to be that one character that is super important, was about to live the perfect life and just when you thought that character was going to make it, they get killed, BY A NEEDLE or something like that because of some prophecy that was not supposed to happen or was avoided. One of them can heal others, even incurable diseases yet, she can’t save him because of destiny. But some new character is spoken of or introduced to make up for the one(s) lost. That’s pretty much the basic pattern of the story.