Is Organic Farming better?

Jun 1, 2016
by: tmyrick

I’m learning more about why is our food system bad? Right now, what I’m wondering about is how is everything made out of corn? I've been reading The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, and it seems like cows and pigs are most likely "made out of corn" because they eat it before they were killed. So to me, it would bee more like corn eating corn. Although farmers feed animals corn, this is kind of confusing to me.

When I watched a review of The Omnivore’s Dilemma video, I found out that everything is made out of corn. This video caught my attention because this is very good to know about this. My class and I are reading this book, and one of the questions I had for this book was, "Why are farmers using chemicals in our food?"

In the video, I found out that farmers are using sprays in our food to keep it to last longer. And it might not be healthy for us. Then if it’s not healthy for us, what is? Just plants?

The quote I chose here is basically saying why should we buy food from farmers instead? What if we do not live near farmers, then what? In the city, there are mostly farms in upstate New York. We have more fast food chains such as McDonald’s are almost around every corner.there are 655 McDonalds in NYC today than anything else today.

So my question is: Is organic farming better for us and the world? I haven’t done research on this yet, but I’m planning to.

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