Fashion???? What is it?

Apr 15, 2012
by: merliz

Something that I have been interested in learning more about has why can fashion define who you are? I remember me and my best friends talking about different fashion that has come out in style; when we were shopping, but we didn’t finish talking about this topic. Lately, the issue has caught my eye again. I know that many people feel that fashion defines a person by how they dress or some just like putting crazy things together and call it fashion. From what I have heard, fashion is what you like it to be. For example, I heard that “Fashion is not important, but how can that be when everyone wears clothes?” Now that's just what I've heard, it may or may not be true.

One thing that I know for sure about fashion defining a person is that it might come from culture or personality. Now, I've studied my share of fashion, for example: ‘fashion can't do is define who you are. A brand or label on a piece of clothing doesn't make you superior or better than anyone else. It will make you feel good for a little while, but those feelings can fade if you see someone else with something you believe to be cuter, prettier, or shinier than what you have.” Personally, It's funny to me how some people make fun of others dressing what is fashion to them. That does not make you any more fashionable or stylish than them.

What people have come to think fashion is who has the most expensive piece of clothing on and if you don’t it isn’t fashion. Who said that? why can’t you just put some old clothing put it together and called it your type of fashion?

Being that I didn't have a lot of background information on how can, I chose to do some research on the topic. As I searched for blogs and news articles on Google, I came across this one article: Mary Elise Chavez. “Does Fashion Define You?” This article provided a lot of information and opinions on fashion. Some people felt that fashion can be anything you like it to be, but once you feel like someone has a better style of dressing then you. You start to dress like someone that you are not. “Women + Fashion are a natural match made in heaven. After all, there's no denying that we all love the excitement of discovering a stunning pair of vintage shoes, or that dress that fits like it was made for us. But when does Fashion become obsession? When do clothes gain power over the woman and begin to set the course for her self-esteem?”
This statement didn't really surprise me all that much.

In another article I found on Google, there was this one statement that made me feel like some people do hide who they really under other fashion styles.

All of this makes me think that I might not know as much about what is fashion , but one thing i know is if you have clothes on that’s your fashion. Fashion is not only about who has that expensive shirt, those pair of sparkling shoes or sneakers.

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