A Faster Way

Mar 30, 2012
by: CListon

Today I read an article on Yahoo about a company working on the fastest form of commercial transportation yet. A licensing organization called ET3 holds a patent to ETT, or Evacuated Tube Technology. Their goal? To make it possible to travel “from New York to Beijing in 2 hours and from New York to London in less than an hour.” These tubes would hold six people on a “frictionless magnetic levitation tracks” through a vacuum tube. The max speeds could reach up to 4,000 miles per hour. They have already started working on prototypes. The first one is being built by a researcher at Southwest Jiaotong University in China, using ET3’s licensed technology. It is still in its infancy, but one day this could be a common mode of transportation. According to sources it will take a lot of research and testing, but it is definitely a realistic goal.

The article is below: