Father Frost Animation

May 23, 2016
by: 21alamm

    My project was showing how greed takes over humans into making them make bad decisions. It showed how a person decided to make a decision for her own good overlooking the needs of others which ended up in a bad consequences for her. She thought it was a good decision but it was one that was made only because of greed. It teaches the moral or ethical lesson of how not to let greed take over you.

Act 1:

Old women: I hate you.

Morozko: Ok fine!!!

Old women: Husband, Send her to the cold forest and let her die.

Husband: Fine, I guess I have  no choice.

(Husband and Morozko go out and scene changes.

Change scene to winter forest:

Person- Who are you

Morozko- My name is Morozko, kind person.

Person- You are nice so I will give you a chest full of good things.

Morozko- Thank you so much.

Switch scene to old woman's house

Old women- Bring Morocco's body back so I can bury it.

Morozko comes back

Old women, Wow what have you brang.

Morozko- Some jewels.

Old women thinking- If I send her out again maybe she will bring more jewels.

Animation- Will the women start taking care of Morozko or put her in danger again.

Moral Decision To lie or to not.

If the woman puts her in danger again, morozko ends up dying and the body is bring back dead.

Old Women- Husband, send Morozko into the open field!

Husband- Yes mam

Switch scene to field:

Morozko- Hello.

Person- Not someone you would like to talk to

Morozko gets eaten off screen.

(Husband brings body back.

Husband- This is what I have returned with

Old women starts crying

Your selfishness led to this. I hope you know that.

If the woman takes care of her, morozko starts helping her and makes a lot of money by becoming a treasure hunter.

Old women- I will ever let you out into the open again without care.

Morozko It's okay .

Screen goes black (says 20 years later)

Old women-What have you brang back

Morozko- 200 million dollars all for you.

Old women- Wow, thanks alot.



Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.49.46 AM.png

Project Link- https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/108781202/#editor


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Great effort!

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Submitted by cribeiro on Fri, 2016-06-03 10:08.

I like the effort you put into the pictures and script.