Favre Sets An Example

Nov 2, 2009

This weekend, I couldn't help but be inspired by Brett Favre's performance.  2009, Favre's first year with the Minnesota Vikings, brought two games against his ex-team, the Green Bay Packers.  For those who know football, it is obvious why this is a big deal.  For those who don't, Favre was the face of the Packers for years.  He started as their quarterback from 1992 until 2007 and won super bowl XXXI in the green and yellow uniform.  In 2008, he decided to retire, but not for long.  Favre was back without missing a season in 2008, this time wearing a New York Jets uniform.  The Packers didn't want him back.  Aaron Rodgers, Favre's previous understudy in Green Bay, was about to receive his chance to start.  Controversy stirred as Favre was turned down to return to the Packers.

    Sunday, Favre played in Green Bay once again.  This time things were different though- he walked onto the field as a Minnesota Viking hungry for a victory over the team that may have ignored his legacy to ensure a shaky future.  The game was hard fought, and the 39-year old Favre played with as much energy as I've ever seen in him.  His passes were consistently flirting with perfection, and his tenacity and leadership kept the Vikings rolling over a submissive Packer's defense.  It seemed as though the Packers were on their heels all night, trying not to lose.  The Vikings were pushing hard only worried about winning.  They won the game 30 to 23.


Favre also threw 271 yards and completed 24-of-312 passes without interception in the first meeting against his old Packers' teammates, to add to his stature as the all-time NFL pass leader. "It's sweet but it has nothing to do with revenge," Favre told reporters after the game. "I'm emotional but I'm always emotional. I knew there was a lot riding on the game. This one carried a little more weight. "One game does not define my career. I wasn't out to prove anything. I was out here to play. It was a lot of fun," Favre added.


-CNN Sports

    The point of this is that Farve embodies the attitude of an amazing athlete.  He is humble enough to say that he wasn't playing for revenge or spite, but also admits that he felt just a bit more competitive than usual.  Favre took a situation of adversity and turned it into pure triumph.  This is something we can all learn from; adversity and trial is just an opportunity for greater success.  The fact that Favre wasn't allowed to return to his team so he decided to join another team and beat his old team is a much more powerful story than his season would have been otherwise.  Favre's attitude makes him a winner.  How does your attitude about situations of adversity make you who you are?


Dear Michael Hanover, I

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Submitted by rprotik on Thu, 2009-11-19 11:09.

Dear Michael Hanover,

I enjoyed reading your post about Brett Favre.  I agree with you about how significant the game between the Vikings and Packers was.  It was probably the most hyped sporting event of the year.  Especially because of the fact Favre made his return to Lambeau Field wearing a division rival's colors.  It was great to see Favre beat his former team after such an ugly divorce.  This win is probably one of the signature highlights of Favre's legendary career.

One thing I admire about Favre is his love and passion for the sport of football.  He just loves being in the field.  When you watch him play, you can see how playful he is as he runs up and down the field like a child after scoring a touchdown.  Even though he was widely criticized for being hypocrytical and coming out of retirement like 20 times, he just loves the sport and wants to play.  His passion for the game is something many players lack, who just play for the money.  But that is not the case with Favre. 

Favre has been an integral part of the Vikings' success.  Even though he's 40 years old, give him a football and he'll try his best to make big plays.  This season he's playing like he's 20 years younger.  His touchdown to interception ratio (17-3) is unworldy.  He is one of the frontrunners for the MVP award.  And most importantly, the Vikings are serious contenders for the Super Bowl.  Too bad they'll have to have to face the New Orleans Saints to get to the Super Bowl because this is the Saints' year.  Saints all day!!  Let's see what happens in the season as almost half is done.  I can't wait until the playoffs, as it will be more competitive and interesting than in recent years.  Thanks for writing your post.  I hope to read more from you.



 Dear Michael,  I enjoyed

Submitted by bfery on Thu, 2009-11-19 12:35.

 Dear Michael, 

I enjoyed reading your post on Brett Favre. He is a great athlete and has done so much for the game of football. I agree that his performance at Green Bay was in fact inspiring and will continue to be a great part of NFL history for a long time to come. These past few years I have been quite disappointed in all the negative media Favre has created for himself with coming out of retirement twice. His latest retirement was sadly to Green Bay's greatest rival. I'm glad that Favre has begun to redeem himself with his performances in Minnesota and I hope he continues to have the spotlight shone on him, but in a positive way, just like his 2009 game at Lambeau. 


Michael- I really enjoyed

Submitted by arriniaNog on Sun, 2009-11-22 23:17.


I really enjoyed reading this post about Brett Favre. Inspirational is one of the many words I would use to describe his career. It seems like every football fan in the country is sick of Brett Favre just because he can't make up his mind about playing or not playing. I say everyone needs to look past his decision making and look at what he does on the field, the man is remarkable. He is easily the toughest athlete I have ever seen play a sport, simply because of his age, his competitiveness, his talent, and his determination. To be playing in the NFL at 40 years old for 17 years just isn't heard of. Brett Favre is a legend, no matter what team he is on. We will never see another Brett Favre so instead of complaining about him being retired or not retired, we should just watch him play the sport he has dedicated his life to because he is someone we can learn a lot from.