Fear: A motivator or a destroyer?

May 14, 2013
by: verkey
How can fear help us in difficult times?

I choose to research why fear is something that we need and can learn from. I never expected fear as something that can teach us a lesson I always thought it was a feeling that kept us from getting in trouble. I always like the feeling of fear because it was like an rushing to do something that you never tried out before. I guess it was an thought that played out in my mind as encouragement , which in the fact did help motivate me when I didn't have anything else to help me.

I have started to search articles to find more information to help further my education on fear. I have learned that there are different reaction for fear. Fear has helped people in times when it could've been life or death but it kept them going. It then moves on to how fear has inspired people to do better with their lives. It was interesting to learn that fear is an also an instinct that helps tell us our next moves. At times when we make mistakes fear always help us to get back on track so we would be able to move on from the past mistakes that we have made.

Some new information that we have learned about is when this shipwreck sailor became lost in the pacific ocean and they had to choose between three different directions in order to save himself and his shipmates. With the fear of each consequence come the outcome of having trust and being able to listen to his fear as an instinct. “Fear is also needed for us to take necessary risks that will allow us to go further.” I would considered this quote as being true because fear helps us to continue our conquest in life. When not having fear you can make mistakes that can cause risk for yourself and for others that may be around.

My topic is something that I would agree about and how it has changed the way people has became better as a person. I believe that people who commits a crime ignored the instinct of fear. I would like to take my thesis statement in the way that we should not be ashamed if we have an fear in something. It can only just make us motivated to do something even better with our lives and it a chance that can lead us on the right path.


Fear - Motivator

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Submitted by 18alamgirr on Tue, 2013-11-12 12:18.

Dear verkey,

I agree with you when you say "It then moves on to how fear has inspired people to do better with their lives." Fear is a human instinct that has been misjudged. Fear helps us, not hurt. Although we might not be able to think properly, our body works for us and not our brain which in some cases is a good thing.

Fear does help us learn and move on from our mistakes. Without fear, we would've been lost and arrogant. Fear is what makes us human. It helps us think before we react. Fear is a positive feeling that represents the negative.

We are afraid all the time. Worry, tension, and anxiety are all branches of fear. Without it, it wouldn't feel like a life. Being happy and carefree of the world is not always a good thing.