feelings towards the new president

Nov 5, 2008
by: YGarcia
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               Feelings Towards The Elections

     I personally feel scared for the choice that the people made and for Barack Obama due to the fact that there are many racist people in our country whom think that a African American was a bad choice. I think that Barack Obama is a fair choice i am neutral on what the results of the election were Both candidates had thoughts on the country that were going to be beneficial to everybody in the United States.
    I also feel Amazed because throughout history there hasn't been a black president its amazing that thanks to Mr Barack Obama we are able to0 feel as if we are able accomplish many thing in life and its not impossible to reach our goals, I just hope that Barack Obama doesn't give the people that voted for him a reason to regret their choice.
   I am very happy for Barack Obama due to the fact that I know he will do many thinks that will change our country weather its good or bad.