Final Discussion

Jun 14, 2010

 I contributed to the youth voices group by adding my own work, and adding more work to the site. This brings out a new artist, but also a way for other photographers to learn things by looking at my work. For me, the easiest thing was writing about my work. I found this easy because it's my own work, and I have my own story to tell about it. The hardest thing was putting my own individuality into a theme of photography I had never done before, which was music photography. This was especially difficult because it's hard to find music photography while taking photos in John Jay Park, or walking along a couple blocks on the Upper East Side. I think that's what makes taking music photography so interesting, because it's a challenge. One thing that I wish I could have done was putting portraits into my portfolio of music photography, but it's definitely something that I will do in the future. Taking a posed photo of someone is so much harder because you can't freeze time, but it's something I want to do.