Final Reflection and Inquiry on Dooms Day Book

Mar 29, 2016
by: eaglej19

Reading an average book these days can bring back some major cases of deja vu. Most of the teen books published 2010 or later have the same melodramatic story line with the same predictable characters and the fancy digitized covers. I have discovered recently that a lot of the time older books have more versatility and more inventive plots than the photocopied design of modernized novels. I just read Dooms Day Book by Connie Willis, published in 1992, and it was one of the first books I've read in a while that surprised me more often than not. Instead of having a goody-goody ending it pulled straight from the reality of the world and touched my heart/soul. Those are the best books, the ones that can get you to feel emotion. The others are merely the creamy filling between the juicy morsels. Using this same metaphor, I find that as we go lower in the bowl, aka back in time, there are more and more juicy morsels to devour. This ties to some things I've been thinking about recently, how new technology and the new ideas of society are diluting our culture. Maybe we should try to reverse this, write better material, learn more strategies. How? I have no idea. Maybe you guys could help me with this one.