Is crime increasing in NYC?

Jan 25, 2016
by: jhostos

Hi my name is Jaylen, and my question is: Is crime getting worse in New York City? The reason I am interested this topic is because from what I see on the news and on my block crime is getting worse. It seems people are not doing anything to decrease the crime.

To learn more about crime in New York City I did Some online research and found this article: I learn that, "There were 149 shootings and 54 violent deaths (nine in the Bronx) by March 2nd of 2015, both up 20% from this time last year." In the same article that in the last decade other boroughs besides the Bronx saw a decline in crime.

In a another article I learned that "De Blasio called NYPD stats projecting the city would end 2015 with around 353 murders — 20 more than last year — 'troubling' and 'unacceptable'."

All of this make me think that crime is really crazy. There's a lot of crime on my block. On my block because people like to shoot around there. Also the crime had decreased in the U.S., but not on my block, Jackson Avenue.


Dear Jaylen

Submitted by avillanueva on Wed, 2016-01-27 11:17.

Dear Jaylen

I am happy with your video “Is crime getting worse in the NYC?” Because I want to know if crime is getting worse. Also I want to oon how much crime is on my block.

One sentence that you said that stands out for is “ Is crime getting worse in the NYC?” I think this is important because it is nice that someone actually cares about the crime inn NYC.

Another sentence you wrote that I liked was was “When do you think crime is going to stop?” This stood out for me because I also want to know when crime will stop.

I do agree with that because I want crime to end and have people stop living in fear.

Thanks for your video. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because I want crime to end.

crime is getting worse for sure.

Submitted by tmyrick on Thu, 2016-01-28 12:47.

dear, jaylen

I am very interested in your topic about crime because it is really bad to see people getting shot,stabbed or hurt over things like, clothing, money, drugs, but what really gets me very interested in is, domestic violence is one of the things that cause it.

one sentence that stood out for me was there’s shooting around your block Where i live, theres not alot of crime.The last time there was crime in my neighborhood was a few years ago. When it was the summertime, there was a shootout. My neighbors went inside their homes and stood inside.

another sentence that stood out for me was you strongly agree it should stop. crime is basicly on the news everyday. And, it’s happening every minute.

your video reminds me of some videos on crime, We see articles of it, see it on social media such as instagram, facebook, twitter and other apps.

thanks for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next, because crime needs to stop. also, it won’t end itself.

I liked your article

Submitted by yayussuf on Sun, 2016-01-31 16:21.

I liked your article and video. It had sufficient facts and data to back up your claim. I also really liked how you brought in some personal experience in it. You talked about how even though crime has decreased in America it still doesn't seem like it has changed in the Bronx.

The only things that could be improved are some little basic things. You could talk about the stuff you see on your block that show that crime hasn't decreased. Data about the crime in the Bronx. An interview with a Bronx resident and fixing some little grammar mistakes. Besides that you did a fantastic job

Hello. I really enjoyed this

Submitted by MPShirzu on Sun, 2016-01-31 17:11.

Hello. I really enjoyed this video because you added evidence to support your claim. It was interesting how you pointed out that crime overall has decreased, but not in your area. It added some comparing and contrasting, helping the reader understand your situation better, and where you're coming from. You could've added more data about from where you live (i.e., crime statistics- something of that nature), but otherwise I think you did a great job!

Great job!!

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Submitted by kchisholm on Mon, 2016-02-01 00:12.

Dear Jayden

I am very happy about your post about our interview about new york and crime in general i like the fact that it have a lot to do with my topic and it’s very similar to mine. i believe that crime isn’t necessarily getting worse although there have been articles about the crime rate is escalating yearly like in timelines and graphs.

I honestly think that crime is getting out of hand in some situations such as unnecessary issues for example i think recently someone was killed due to disagreement on and about kool-aid so with that being said i think that crime is getting worse only because of stupidity or untrustworthy problems or something like that i believe that crime is getting worse also because it has to do with others getting influenced and lack of education and such.

A couple questions you wrote that i’ve really liked were “when is crime going to stop?, how can we stop crime?, why is crime go around the world?. and so on because even though everyone can answer those questions immediately with just basic common sense answers no one is stopping anything so it like people could know why we kill each other but no one want to do anything to stop it you know so it’s like being the fact those are basic yet mind refreshing questions because people is doing the wrong things and i’m glad that the person you was interviewing Raphael mentioned that it could be due to lack of education and being influenced and such.

Thanks for your video i really like it and it is very similar to mine and my topic look forward to what else you’re going to copy me next on ( just kidding ….not really ) :D

i really liked how jaylen

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Submitted by zbrown on Mon, 2016-02-01 16:17.

i really liked how jaylen asked important questions that really related to their topic.
i also liked how jaylen described his project to the teacher.

i really liked how jaylen

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Submitted by zbrown on Mon, 2016-02-01 16:17.

i really liked how jaylen asked important questions that really related to their topic.
i also liked how jaylen described his project to the teacher.

ghetto and violence of crimes

Submitted by sroman on Wed, 2016-02-03 11:34.

Dear Jaylen:

I am interested in your topic because I am curious of wanting to know more about crimes and stuff that’s causing bad vibes for our community. Also if we want our community to stay safe we have to learn to show the ghetto and violence to become better people.

One sentence in your video that stands out for me is referring to “ wrong place at the wrong time “ when i think about this i think about how gangs and crimes happening and innocent people dying just because they were in the wrong place . I feel bad for those because they had probably no reason they knew they were gunna get shot or other violence ways .

Another sentence that caught my attention in your video was when you said “ on the news and on my block crime is getting worse “ i can connect to that because i see a lot of violence around my neighborhood but that’s why it’s so dangerous for people to be surronded by that .

Thanks for your writing . I look forward seeing what you write next, because you talking about crimes and stuff on the news i would like to know more about the violence and how we can make it better for people to even be able to leave they house with out leaving theyre curious of what could happen to them .

Good Job!

Submitted by MaddiePorter on Thu, 2016-04-14 18:49.

I think your topic choice is amazing! I think you've gotten a really strong start your research! I thought that your use of a video was a powerful tactic. You should keep relating your personal experiences to what you learn because it resonates strongly with the reader! Keep up the good work and I hope hear more about this topic from you!