Finding Lucky

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20wuc
Finding Lucky
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

Grandma, Mother, and Daisy are searching for their beloved pet, Lucky. They have looked everywhere and even visited the dog's favorite places and hiding spaces. However, time is ticking away, and the sun will be setting soon. Will Grandma, Mother, and Daisy manage to recover their precious lost pet before it's too late?

Act 1
Setting: at the kitchen in Grandma’s house
[Enter Mother and Daisy, stage left]
Daisy: (ecstatic) Grandma!
Grandma: Why, hello there!
Mother: We came over for a visit. (sniffs air appreciatively) Hmm, what is that wonderful smell?
Grandma: (proudly) I baked some brownies for Daisy. I know how she loves my cooking.
Daisy: (distracted) Wait, but, Grandma… Where’s Lucky?
Grandma: (confused) Lucky? Isn't she playing under the table?
Daisy: (saddened) No! She’s gone!
Mother: Don’t worry, Daisy, we’ll find her.
Grandma: (determined) Sure we will! We wouldn't ever lose Lucky!
[Exit Grandma, Mother, and Daisy, stage left]

Act 2
Setting: at the beach, near the waves
[Enter Grandma, Mother, and Daisy together, stage left]
Daisy: (upset) Lucky! Where are you?
Mother: (clueless) Perhaps we should check out her favorite hiding spot...
Grandma: She’s not there. I just looked.
Mother: (exasperated) Where on Earth could she have possibly gone to?
Daisy: (energized) Look there! See those footprints in the sand?
Mother: (bewildered) Those seem incredibly close to…
Grandma: Lucky’s! She must be close around here!
Daisy: Very, very close!
Mother: Let’s go to the park and see if she’s there!
[Exit Grandma, Mother, and Daisy, stage left]

Act 3
Setting: at the park, strolling along the path
[Enter Grandma, Mother, and Daisy together, stage left]
Daisy: (upset) Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Come on out! We’re here!
Mother: (self-conscious) Hush now, Daisy. People will stare at you if you yell too loud.
Daisy: B-but then… Lucky…
Grandma: No worries, Daisy. Just keep looking.
Mother: I already asked everyone in the park. There’s no dog or Lucky to be found.
Daisy: That’s impossible!
Mother: It is getting dark, however…
Grandma: (relenting) That is true, but we should continue the search for Lucky immediately tomorrow.
Daisy: (objecting) But, Lucky…
[Exit Grandma, Mother, and Daisy together, stage left]

Act 4
Setting: on the sidewalk, a few blocks away from Grandma’s house
[Enter Grandma, Mother, and Daisy, stage right]
Daisy: (defeated) I can’t believe that we couldn't find Lucky…
Mother: We’ll search for her tomorrow.
Grandma: Your mother speaks of the truth.
Daisy: (hysterical) But, still!
Grandma: Lucky’s been missing before, so don’t worry about it now.
Mother: (alert) Wait up! Do you see that?
Grandma: What is that dark shape?
Daisy: (desperate) It’s Lucky! I know it is!
Mother: Wait up, Daisy!
(All run forward to meet the strange shape. It is a dog ambling confusedly down the sidewalk.)
Daisy: (ecstatic) Oh, Lucky!
Mother: (relieved) Thank goodness we found her!
Grandma: (pleased) Lucky. You've been naughty again, haven’t you?
Daisy: (surprised) Lucky? Bad?
Mother: (angry) Of course not! Never!
(All lean down to embrace the now happy dog.)
[Exit Grandma, Mother, Daisy, and Lucky, stage right]

Developer's Logs:
Session 1: Wed 3/11 9:45 school
I only finished steps 1-5. Step 1 took three times as long, because I was experimenting with Scratch and could not figure out how to make my title sequence. Instead, I had to learn it was the backdrop from a classmate. I will have to work at home a bit longer (probably around 30 minutes) to make up the time, but otherwise I will not change the rest of the project.

Session 2: Fri 3/13 9:30 school
I only partially finished steps 6-8. They all took ten times as long, because my dialogue got all mixed up and made me really confused. I didn’t know how to make my sprites say their scripts in order following one another. I will have to work at home a bit longer (probably around an hour) to make up the time, but I also have to finish the rest of my project because the due date is near.

Session 3: Mon 3/16 5:30 home
I finished the rest of my project. It took almost twice as long as my estimated time because I tweaked the scripts for my sprites a bit. I wondered if there was some way to make them better. Also, my project focuses mainly on dialogue, and I discovered that having a lot of it can confuse and mess up your “flow” of your story. For example, in “broadcast,” sometimes I mistakenly put the wrong thing for receiving a broadcast. There may be a moment when two sprites are talking at once and one is saying something completely different and unrelated. However, other than that, I feel as if I have done a fine job, except perhaps for using a bit too much dialogue.