The Flawed Rules of Society

Mar 15, 2015
by: AdamS16

Today we live in a world oppressed by an unspoken code. I refer to the code as the flawed rules of society, and these "rules" are more of a social code. As a society, people always judge or shun people who are "different" and this is because they don't follow these "rules" and they choose to be their own unique person. These rules oppress individuality and spontaneousness.

Think about how many times you have been in a situation where you wanted to do or say something, but you were scared that people would make fun of you. This fear is instilled in us because of the environment we are raised in where we witness the rules in motion, and we want to "fit in".

Fitting in is an illusion woven by the rules. Nobody is perfect, and nobody is unable to be disliked. To truly fit in you have to be yourself, if all everybody does is conform, then nobody will ever know the true people around them. I'm not saying that we can all just do whatever we want, but we should be able to feel free enough to express ourselves and not be shunned or hated for being ourselves.

Recently, I have bleached my hair for the swim team. While walking down the halls I could hear many people's different reactions to it and I took no offense to the statements, but I believe it shows how we all judge people without necessarily meaning to. It is not always harmful or spiteful, but it happens.

The environment we grow up in is full of this, and we have all done it. We always label people that are "different" as weird or freaks even though a they are just being themselves and not conforming to society's harsh rules. If people did not fear backlash and we were all willing to voice our opinions and express ourselves, the world would be a much different place, and in my opinion a better place.



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Dear AdamS16,

I  enjoyed reading your post “The Flawed rules of Society” because it reveals the truth about societys rules. Being different is a good thing and i don't get why people think being different is a bad thing. I mean we all aren't factory made. Its the same with gay people and black people, others think that just because they are different means there bad I mean we had slaves and in some places a slave was considered ¼ of a white person, and now people think gay people are strange. i agree with you about that the environment we grow up in effects the way we think. I really benefited from reading your post and i think a lot of people would.  


Dear Adam, I was moved to

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Dear Adam,
I was moved to read about your belief in ‘’The flawed rules of society’’ because I agree. You are right we are always being pressured to ‘’fit it’’ or be someone we are not, we see it from movies to real life. I also really liked how you explained how this cycle began. It reminds me of my school, if you don’t know the gossip or don’t dress the way everyone else does you aren’t apart of the group. We are constantly told of how we should dress, act, talk, walk and it won’t stop until people start being who they truly are. Thanks for writing I look forward to seeing what you write next time.
Sincerely, Madisyn

I agree

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Submitted by Cll1999 on Thu, 2015-03-26 09:15.

I agree with what you are saying. Maybe if we all were more aware of this then it would become less of a problem. If we all just paid more attention to what we are saying and doing, and how it effects everyone around us then we could stop judging people. If we stop judging people, then maybe people will feel more willing to be themselves.

Our swim team bleaches their

Submitted by mravarino on Wed, 2015-04-15 23:39.

Our swim team bleaches their hair too! When the swimmers come back the day after they have bleached their hair, they definitely get different looks than they did the day before. Something as small as the color of your hair changing can get you talked about, and that is the world we live in today. Many people are confronted with situation in which they wish they had done something differently, but society made them react in a different manner. The fear of being mocked or jeered is in the back of everyone's mind, especially in high school. The issue is: how do we overcome this feeling of wanting to fit in?

This is a very interesting

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This is a very interesting issue to discuss. However, I do believe there is a flipped spectrum to this topic. Often times, those who don't "fit in" accomplish great feats, and can even gain a unique following. Take the quote in the Imitation Game for example, "Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine." This movie demonstrates exactly what you're talking about; a boy shunned from society for his differences. However, he goes on to save an estimated millions of lives. This is unique across an array of situations. Those who invest much more time and effort in themselves often achieve more than those who tend to blend in with the rest of society. In a sense, you could argue that instead of this issue being viewed as an overwhelming problem, it can be an opportunity for those who are different to separate themselves and change the minds, and even the lives, of "the crowd" who they differ from. Good topic of discussion. Nice choice!