Flowers Blooming in the Spring

May 13, 2011
by: ctai

The sun is shining bright.
All the flowers that I see in my sight.
They may grow fast, they may grow slow.
We will never ever know.
We just have to wait to find out.
When they are fully grown, the bees shout.
All the bees want to go and necter the flower.
When everyday it just bring May showers.
Some of these flowers are lonely and sad.
We never need to pick them up because they will get mad.
Beautiful flowers is all we see.
We just have to let them be.  


Dear Andrew,     Thanks for

Submitted by jchow on Tue, 2011-05-24 09:33.

Dear Andrew,
     Thanks for this poem about flowers. I really like your usage of rhyming words at the end of each line. This effect captures the reader's attention and it gives a tone to the poem. Your poem is very interesting. It brings around an atmosphere of nature and I like that. The poem includes beautiful images of flowers.
     I did some research into these flowers, and I found that the Tricolor Violas or Violaceae has been used in two different ways. Tricolor Violas is the common name, and Violaceae is the scientific name. Tricolor Violas are also known as Pansies. The most common nickname is Wild Pansy. 
     "Viola Tricolor, known as Heartsease, is a common European flower, growing as an annual or short-lived perennial."
     One quote that stood out for me was: "Some of these flowers are lonely and sad." This quote is interesting because you utilized the literary technique of personification. You gave the flowers emotions. It adds feeling to your poem and that attracts readers.
     I would like to thank you again for creating this poem. It was interesting and I would certainly like to read more poems from you.