FOB Beetles

Dec 20, 2010
by: PHuang

The Asian Longhorn Beetle is a tree-killing bug.  Asian Longhorn Beetles are extremely dangerous to us, humans as well as our enviorment.. The reason is because they kill trees that are a necessity to our everyday living. Without trees we lose our supply of oxygen and live in a world full of carbon dioxide. For us humans, we are very depended on every little thing that mother nature has to provide for us. That is why we need to destroy the things that is taking away the material that is provided for us. These beetles are from a different country, says American sources, and they are far away from their original habitats. For them to adapt to a new enviorment and live is what we don’t see in a many particular animals in this world.

I know that these beetles were originated from China, says American sources, and was brought here by a boat. This was done more than a decade ago and just recently we started to care about what might happen in our enviorment thanks to these bugs. A decade of time should have been more then enough time to kill off these bugs but instead we take our time in exterminating them and cutting down trees that we hope are the trees that's infested. To me, we are simply helping the beetles destroy our limited amount of trees. For what I know, ever tree that is contaminated by these bugs, tens or hundreds of nearby trees are chopped down and burned. The bugs slowly work their way to another tree with them and their offspring but for us we probably burn down a forest just to kill a few of the bugs.

All I know is that the Asian Longhorn Beetles came from China, on a boat, and they kill trees. The more trees they infest the more trees we chop down and burn them based on their guesses. What might be the most important part of this topic would be the fact that they kills trees because as of right now they are, what I would say, a helper of most of the men kind. We kill trees for “our benefits” and now these things comes along and to me, they are just helping us destroy our world faster.

After seeing how I know so little of this topic, I did some research on this. “‘The best way is to take the source of the food out,’ said Dodd, of the department's Asian long-horned beetle cooperative eradication program, which works with state and local governments to destroy the beetles.” Tomoeh Murakami Tse of the Newsday corporation on May 1, 2005. What he said is true in the beginning but in this case, their food is our necessity. If we kill too much trees, which is their food, we are running low on our own source of air. This issue was known from way back in the late 1900’s and yet just recently people are acting like it is a big issue now. We left it alone for too long and this is the price to pay for it.

“The Asian Longhorned Beetle, native to China, has already attacked more than 5,000 trees in and near New York and Chicago. So far the USDA has spent nearly $10 million trying to stop the bug and will likely spend tens of millions more so it doesn't spread to the huge tracts of hardwoods in New England and the Upper Midwest.” from the CNN & TIME on November 12, 1999. Back when they first began to open their eyes on this issue was about a decade ago. They were wasting already millions of  dollars and saw lots of dead trees. This was not much of a hot topic since not many people heard of these bugs until recently when there were many ads around our area about these bugs.

This is what I mean when about us Americans are just helping out the beetles on killing our trees. A decade of time to exterminate what might have been a few on a boat turned out to be thousands now since we took our time. Millions of dollars are being spent on this issue and every day that passes more money would be spent since more bugs will come out. All we do is hope that the last one we killed was the last one that is left in America. For our slow response to this situation, we are now going to pay for it by sacrificing our trees