Focusing on lighting in digital captures...

Sep 21, 2010
by: nellb

Over the summer, I  took many pictures without thinking about certain themes or ideas that I wanted to pursue come September when classes begin. However, when I took some time to evaluate my work, I noticed that I took a lot of images with lighting in mind. Although this may have been a subconcious move, the use of lighting and shadowing.

This is an example of a picture that i took this summer:

As I was capturing the image, I did no intend to have the sun hidden behind the cloadds. However, observing the intruiging effect of the photograph after taking it, I was fasinated by the darkness of the objects in the picture in contrast with the very bright sun.  This upcoming year, I would really like to focus on intentionally capturing the different aspects of light. In order to do this, I will be much more concious of where the sunjects in the photograph are in relation to the sun.