Football vs. Futbol

Sep 21, 2011
by: oelsner20
futbol and football

Football vs. Futbol

    Football seems to be popular only in the Unites States, while soccer or Futbol is popular world-wide. There is no true rhyme or reason for this phenomena, but here are some examples and explanations from our beloved World-Wide-Web.

“Europe's 53 soccer countries will have the future and popularity of their national teams at the top of the agenda at a two-day summit meeting in Cyprus.

UEFA member federations are under pressure from influential clubs to play fewer matches by scrapping some international exhibition dates and cutting the size of qualifying groups for the World Cup and European Championship”(AssociatedPress). Countries throughout the world are attending this meeting because of the significance of soccer to their country. They are trying to decided the rules for World Cups years ahead of time, because of how detrimental it can be if the leagues and games are disbanded. As days pass, more and more Americans are continuing to prefer European futbol over Americanized socccer. “Major League Soccer has been around since 1996 to help build the popularity of soccer in the United States. However, today it seems that a large number of soccer fans in this country prefer rooting for a big European club rather than one of the home teams. It's a recurring phenomenon. Every time I'm talking with somebody about soccer and I ask them what their favorite team is, I usually hear the names of European teams such as "Barcelona" or "Manchester United," but never any MLS teams”(Azmoudeh).
    Much of the world sees America as being a violent, powerhouse, which can be seen and expressed through our beloved sport of Football. The rest of the world enjoys Soccer as a whole because of how much easier it is to play and watch it on a daily basis. Soccer will undoubtedly be the world’s past-time, while football will inevitably fade away into our memories as that “indecent, rough sport we,for some reason, enjoyed”.

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Dear oelsner20 : I am

Submitted by John Kearns on Wed, 2011-09-28 21:03.

Dear oelsner20 :

I am disgusted after reading your post, "Footbal vs Futbol." American football is one of the few things Americans get right today. There is nothing more American then a pile of sweaty fat men jumping on a pigskin. There is nothing less American than a bunch of sisy girls running around in circles, waiting for half time so they can get their orange slices. I'd honestly rather watch a track meet. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: " Football seems to be popular only in the Unites States, while soccer or Futbol is popular world-wide. There is no true rhyme or reason for this phenomena." I think this is a ridiculous statement because there is obviously a reason for this. America is the only country in the world that is awesome. I wouldn't expect you to understand what AWESOME is...I mean you still use the words "World Wide Web." Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

Osler20, I was laughing

Submitted by phickman3 on Wed, 2011-09-28 22:44.


I was laughing hysterically at your article "Football vs. Futbol". SOCCER, will never be popular in the States. Every year, some commentator or soccer junkie claims "Soccer is finally gonna make it big in the U.S.". Please. No sport that promotes cheating will ever be big in this country. If you are going to cheat, at least juice up and hit 100 home runs a year, don't just fall over in the box and act like you will never walk again. It's pitiful, really. The part that really bothered me was "The rest of the world enjoys Soccer as a whole because of how much easier it is to play and watch". Are you serious? Soccer is not popular because of how easy it is to watch!!! It's the most boring sport ever! 90 minutes of jogging later and the score is still doughnuts, or as soccer folk call it, Nil Nil. If people across the world had access to helmets, pigskins, baseball gloves, and lax spoons, soccer would never be heard from again. America will never be a power in soccer, because our best athletes play baseball and lax, bro. This was a great article! Keep it up and hopefully I'll see more of your posts!

<3 phickman3

^^ i hate you both  

Submitted by oelsner20 on Thu, 2011-10-06 14:00.

^^ i hate you both