The Fox and The Crow

May 22, 2016
by: 21ebiedo
The Fox and The Crow
The Fox and The Crow
The Fox and The Crow

    In this project, we learned about stories and the moral/ethical decisions that are made in these stories. I decided to use the story: The Fox and The Crow. In this story the main character, the Crow, had to make a moral/ethical decision which taught him to always think twice and to think things through. We used a programming website to make an animation in which the viewer can interact with the animation. The view makes the moral/ethical choice for the main character and then see’s the consequences for making the bad choice. The view can also see the good that comes out of making a better choice. So, always remember, bad choices come with consequences and good comes out of better choices.

Act 1-

My Script:



  • Bob the Crow- Black Crow, Loves cheese.
  • Fred the Fox- A red fox, loves to steal, loves cheese.


Setting- In the sky, Bob the crow is looking for food, spots cheese and swoops to get it. Later- Tree.

Characters: Bob the crow

Bob: I wonder if I’ll be lucky and find some food. Maybe some cheese.

( Bob sees food on the floor, its cheese!)

Bob: Wow my luck, I found some cheese. This is awesome.

(Bob lands on a tree and begins to slowly nibble. Fred the Fox enters)

Fred thinks: Hmm, Bob the crow has some cheese. I should trick him to give it to me.

Bob: Are you jealous that I have food and you don’t Fred?

Fred: No, I have plenty of food.

Fred thinks: I will trick him into singing for me and the cheese will drop out of his mouth. Perfect.

Fred: Hey Bob, I love your voice. You have the voice of an angel. May you please sing for me?


Moral Decision- Should Bob the crow sing for Fred or should Bob keep his mouth shut.

This will teach you to always think twice about your decisions and think them through.

Act 2 A

If Bob sings for Fred…

Bob will drop the piece of cheese to the ground. Fred soons reveals that Bob has been tricked, takes the cheese and walks away in happiness.



Bob: Why, thank you very much.

Fred: Please Sing for me.

Fred: I want to hear that lovely voice.

Fred thinks: Not really, he sounds like a dying pig.

Bob: It would be my pleasure.

Bob: “Hello, It’s me”

(Cheese falls to the floor and Fred grabs it)

Fred: I’ve heard enough. You sound horrible!

Fred: Thanks for the cheese by the way.

Bob: Why you little….

Bob: I will look for you, I will find you, and I will……...steal your food.

Fred: Yeah right.

(Fred walks away)

Bob: Oh, you will see.

Bob: I will steal your cheese.

(Fred comes back)

Fred: I already finished you piece of cheese.

Fred: I was just very hungry.

Fred: I really hate cheese.


Fred: Bye loser!


Act 2 B

If Bob keeps his mouth shut…

Bob will prove to Fred that he isn't stupid and noticed that if he sings the cheese will fall to the floor. Bob isn't fooled by the fool and walks away with the cheese.


Bob: I see that smirk on you face.

Bob: Your eye is also twitching. I feel that you are lying.

Fred ( in a high pitched voice): Why would you say that.

Bob: Oh, no reason, twitching eyes, smirks, and high pitched voice don’t indicate anything.

Bob: By the way, you're a horrible liar.

Fred: Why would I even want your stupid cheese.

Fred: I hate cheese.

Fred: I’ll find my own food, you selfish little greedy monster.

Bob: I know your plan Fred.

Bob: You want me to sing  and while some food ids in my mouth, it has to fall down.

Bob: Then you will catch it and take it for yourself.

Fred:Fine I will admit it.

Fred: I am very poor and can't catch my own food.

Fred: I am very hungry.

Bob: I know this part of your plan as well.

Bob: You want me to feel bad and sorry for you as “plan B”.

Bob: You are the fool here.

Bob: I won't be fooled by a fool because I am not a fool.

Fred: Why you little #%&#@

Bob: By you sore loser.

(Characters walk away.)