Live Life Alive

Sep 21, 2011
by: crystalr

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Feeling much better now that I have my calm time and I can do this freewrite thing without being too conscious of the... Not so happy aspects of my life :3 Fifteen minutes of this is a very long time to continue writing and writing I think he’s trying to cause us early arthritis and such -.-; Yeah I create a bunch of faces while Im typing, he will have to get used to it and better not erase any of them. They are part of my creativity as well as I can see the words and letters and faces I make while I’m typing so that’s what I put down. Like I’m spelling inside of my head while I’m speaking and typing it all out at once. That’s a lot of work now that I think about it and have the instructions written out on a piece of paper lolz.

Ughh my headphones are acting up I hope they don’t break I mean I love these headphones my little sister got them for me from a Hot Topic and they have pandas on them!. Panda ear buds x3 I’m in love with them I’d never want them to break and plus if they do break I’ll just end up getting some Gummy earphones which like to pop on me often because I blast my music so incredibly loud in my ears I should be deaf already. Whenever I blast my music for long periods of time, when I finally take my ear buds out, my ears are ringing and everything feels numb lol I love it. Changing the song now.!

Ah yes I miss when my friend Gabriel and I used to go crazy dancing in his house after school. That was back when I was still in A. Phillip Randolph Campus High School. Very good school, bad people running it is all. We would go to Gabriel’s afterwards and blast music as loud as we could and he would dance Tectonik and I would shuffle all over the room and we’d make plans of doing shows for talent shows and such. Thinking back now, we really did have our childish moments. We were adults any other time except around our closest friends or when we were alone. He was a really good friend of mine. He’s still a good friend but we’ve begun to lose touch a bit just because I’m back in school and he has a new job.

Oh man, I need to get a job myself, I’m so tired of being dirt broke. I need money in my hands. And not just for the random miscellaneous things such as junk food and cigarettes, though cigarettes will most likely end up taking a bit of my money away. I need a lot of things personally. I need clothing, personal items, and I need money for the things I’d like to do myself. I’d also like to save money for a future apartment of something. Planning on going college at BMCC, but I obviously need somewhere to stay while at college. As well as the fact that I’m going to need my own private place to study, do my work, and feel comfortable doing it. My house has never really been a place where you can concentrate and give your full attention to the work at hand.

Ten minutes gone by already, great, only need five more minutes lucky me. Blahh, craving that which shall not be named here -.-; My past days haven’t been so bad though, I’ve been able to get some things done, let a few things go, remember a few things, and move on. Life has gotten so uncomfortable as of recently, I’m waiting for it to get easier again. It happens sometimes? I think.. I hope >.< I dunno what to really write at this point. My tummy hurts o.o

Ehhh moving on. I can’t wait to go out today after school today! Going downtown and gonna spazz at the LGBT Center finally! Haven’t been there in a couple months I believe. I used to go every day after school, and even in the summer. Always used to meet up with my friends at the center, head to Chelsea Piers, head to Union Square, Washington Square Park, all over the place. We’d walk from 13th and 7th avenue to 44th and Times Square to go to the Toys R’ Us and I would play Dance Dance Revolution For hours. I’ve spent so many dollars on that damned machine! But I love that game <3 I should kept my damned money and bought the system, games and mats my damned self -.-; Ah wells, maybe one day. I’m hoping to get back to those fun times today. I really am..

Oh man.. I miss him...


omg , i wanted to go to BMCC

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Submitted by brittneya on Thu, 2011-10-13 11:10.

omg , i wanted to go to BMCC as well . but ive decided to go to college with my boyfriend  . . .. . awwwww -_______- lol but nah EVERYBODY goes to BMCC . and i used to do the same thing. i love the toys r us on 42nd. yoooo im such a big A** kid. i still go there to get on the ferris wheel. and then i beg my boyfriend to take me so i can go play with the leggos & he'll buy them for me. lmaoooo i dead be building forts and castles. thats a damn shame. and dance revolution is too

W A V E Y Y ! i be killin it . OD . lol