Freedom writers sociology perspective

May 21, 2009

Society and Its Impact on Teachers

Freedom Writers is a movie created from the sociological perspectives of a community submerged in social inequality. The systematic study of human social behavior is conveyed in the story of this group of teens, who are taught to fend for their own ethnicity. Unfortunately, teens that are raised in poor economical conditions have a tendency to turn to gangs, where they readily identify themselves. For adolescents is important in order to discover whom they identify themselves with. Although corruption is abundant in the life's of Eva, Andres, Tito, Marcus, Jamal...Etc, Mrs G, came in as guidance, as a lighthouse to their already somber lives.

I never really realized the huge impact teachers exert on students until I watched this film. Teachers are supposed to be positive models that encourage and push students to do their best, but in this movie, teachers have lost their purpose due to their own personal problems, or because they feel, they are not rewarded enough for teaching such low class students. They have lost their inspiration to teach, due to certain social inequalities that affect the American society. Ms G is a young, vibrant woman with high hopes and a strong personality. She has not lived enough to lose expectations for her students.

It is upsetting to see the frustration teachers feel while schooling students that come from low waged household. In the film, teachers feel less obligated to teach students. All this careless behavior is also the consequence of a bad educational system that fails to not only the students but teachers as well. It comes down to explain the phenomenon and the reinsurance of social reproduction in our "open" American society.

Unfortunately, students that come from an underprivileged background often end up with a poor education. If the child fails in an academic aspect, the fault is directed towards the parents. Societies ideology is usually; the parents are the ones in charge of establishing norms for their children to follow. Education is considered one of those important standards. Society seems to fail in understanding that parents can emphasize the importance of education but without the educational systems support; many students fail to finish school. In freedom writers a teenage immigrant admits to his classmates his struggle with poverty. Despite his desire to give up, his parents continue to encourage him to finish school. If it weren't for Ms.G consistency and her hard work perhaps her whole class would have ended up in that same cyclic cycle of violence, drugs, and poverty that lay ahead. Their has to be a balance between the parents and the teachers, both have to identify the importance of education in order for the child to triumph in life. The attitude that most of the teachers displayed in this film was of carelessness and its exactly that attitude that students absorb and apply to their self’s.