Fremont High Students Standing Up

Jan 27, 2016

I need a school where we can be respected as a family. Knowing that adults put their hands on students and get away with it is not ok. I feel like the Vice Principal should be fired and not allowed in the OUSD district. We go to school where we are being trained to be adults, they treat us like we are 10. How can we “grow up” (like they say) if we keep getting treated like kids.

Kids have been protesting, They feel like these things should be heard. Today we had a walk out. The news helicopters came, there were people taking pictures and everything! we need to be heard and it needs to happen now ! We have rights, it’s up to us to use them in the right way. We finally have the people's attention after so long. We have been treated bad for too long, the administrators do not care what we are going through.


It is so admirable to know

Submitted by aliciacanales on Thu, 2016-02-04 17:45.

It is so admirable to know that you are standing up for change. Change that is obviously nessecary. Change cannot/will-not happen unless someone brave, like yourself, stands up for what they believe. 

I read a quote once that stated something like, “Children...need most of the same things adults need--consideration, respect for their work, the knowledge that they and the things they do are taken seriously.” I do agree that you as a young adult, and the students of your community, have rights that SHOULD NOT be violated. The problem I believe is not just the VP of your school, but all the others with authority that allow for these inhumane actions to take place. 

I'm glad that you have begun to get recognition for this issue, but it shouln't stop there. Demand change. Demand a difference. Never lose hope, because ulitmatly you CAN make a difference.

I would hope to have you in a time that my own community needs change.