Fruitvale: From the block to the whole town

Dec 5, 2013
by: maguilar

In our senior English class we are currently reading a book called Native Son by Richard Wright. We're studying the the life in which Richard Wright grew up around -- his struggles, his obstacles. On Friday December 6th, 2013, the Seniors of Fremont High including myself, will go to see the movie Fruitvale Station to study the parallels and similarities to the life of Bigger (the main character in Native Son) and the life of Oscar Grant who was a victim of what people are calling "Police Brutality". Mr. Coogler, I would like for you to know that I, Martha, a senior from Fremont High is a teenager from the Fruitvale District. Fruitvale Avenue is the street that raised me. It's the street that I am proud to claim in this town. My first steps were walking on the block with my dad and his "patnas". That's just a little something you should know about me, someone who is from the actual street and can understand all this violence going on.

When I think of my own civil rights as a teen living in the Fruitvale District, I feel like people in this society look at me as if I don't know how to hold my own, as if I don't know how to act nor would I know how to represent myself as a young teen living in this neighborhood. I feel like it's a must for me to know my rights and how I'm suppose to approach them to the problem I'm in. Why? Because people will assume I don't know how to defend myself in such a manner that will then make them look at me different because of the knowledge they assume I do not have.

My thoughts to how people will react to this movie will make them cry. The reason being is because I've seen this movie. I'm one out of four of my peers that have seen it. However, this movie can really make my fellow peers open their eyes and realize that this world we're living in is no joke as well as not having tomorrow promised. Consider the society we're living in, they should be more aware that we have more chances of being in the situation such as Oscar Grant was in because we're in Oakland. Compared as to not being aware of the brutality that goes on in this town they can be in a great amount of danger.


Great post

Submitted by GabeRech on Wed, 2013-12-18 15:42.

I have never even heard of this book or movie, and I would be really interested to. The way you talk about this is so emotional. I come from a completely different environment, so I have no idea what that is like. Great post.