Fuding Education fro Illegal Immigrants

Jan 3, 2013
by: Mallory R

Mallory Rodriguez

Funding Education For Illegal Immigrants

Has anyone ever meet a person who is from another country? They most likely immigrated from another country or they needed to escape and “cross the border. Illegal immigrants have a tough life; they would feel very guilty if they live their children in their country. So they take them with them to America for a chance of their own. Problem is when they bring their kids, America won’t fund education for them. I personally think that America should fund education for illegal immigrants.

Most illegal immigrants come here with good expectation and hope. The catch is, they are usually lower class. “ Most illegal immigranted children come here as young kids. These kids are motivated achievers. And they are praised to become contributing members of society.” (Denver Post). Immigrants work really hard as the quote from Denver Post states they are motivated achievers. They deserve to be able to continue their education for their good tasks in society. They deserve to have hope and think of there life in America positive.

Have you ever noticed some immigrants have accents fro, their countries? And even though they are speaking english you know they are not from here. Accents shouldn’t be a problem anyways. “They should be treated as assets to America who had accepted foreign people to make America a better place for the past centuries, and should learn english to their best ability.” (Denver Post). To learn english so they could live a normal life in America and be able to understand when given the opportunity. This would make them feel more welcome into America then to be hated just because they come from a different nationality.

Immigrants struggle themselves and like most American’s don't pay taxes. So why is the government only showing a hate towards them alone. “So the ‘illegals’ don't pay taxes. So why should their children be able to attend school when their parents aren’t paying into the tax base?” (Heluim.com). Just because the parents don’t pay taxes doesn’t mean you can bring it down on the whole family. How do you expect them to pay America’s taxes if they don’t get the proper education and find the right job? Don’t blame their kids if they had nothing to deal with it.

I think this specific topic has harsh reviews. I only agree with one of them. “ As American’s, we should put Americans first.” (Denver Post). I have to agree with this because it is true. The question that popped into my head was, “ There is still homeless people on the streets, but we focus on only the immigrants?” Most immigrants are practically homeless too. We aren’t just making illegal immigrants feel unwelcomed but we are doing the same to the lower class America.

I don’t understand how the American population does not realize this either. It’s only fair if the country funds education for illegal immigrated kids. They kids will then be able to become a citizen of American. Then they would be able to pay taxes and slowly get their family out of debt.
Who knows if one of those kids could be the next major, politician, or even a president. America should give illegal immigrated kids a chance in life America can offer them, instead of being cold hearted and thoughtful.


Education Funding For Illegal Immigrants

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Submitted by fahMEda_a on Thu, 2013-01-03 19:13.

Dear Mallory,
I can tell that you think illegal immigrants should get education funding. I understand your reasons but I disagree with you. My opinion is that they shouldn't be getting education funding and they should'nt even be allowed here if they are illegal. They should do the paper work like all the legal immigrants and then get everything. I really liked how you said that America should put the Americans first because I agree that there are many homeless people in America and they aren't doing anything about them so why should they about these illegal immigrants? I know they want a better life for them and their children, but just do the paperwork like everyone else! I thought you did a great job with formatting your essay! Keep up the good work! :)
~ fahMEda

Funding Education For Illegal Immigrants

Submitted by Tania S on Sun, 2013-01-06 13:25.

Dear Mallory,

I really enjoyed reading your essay. I think you did a great job stating a strong opinion and giving reasons. I can understand why you think illegal immigrants should get education but I don't agree with your opinion. I believe that illegal immigrants shouldn't be allowed to get education. First of all, they're illegal which means that they haven't done their paper work that allows them to be in this country. And second, they don't pay taxes. They're pretty much living here for free. People who are legal immigrants deserve to be educated because they did their paper work and they pay their taxes. In your essay you said that illegal immigrants are usually lower class, which I can understand that they don't have that much money. But what about the people who are also in the lower class and are legal immigrants? They're going through the same thing or maybe worse but at least they're getting their education. Overall I thought you did a great job!

Tania Sharma


Submitted by Rahnuma B. on Sun, 2013-01-06 19:58.

First of all, your essay was really good. You brought up some really good points and facts. But my opinion is that they shouldn't be funded for education. The first reason is because they are illegal. You don't aid prisoners on the street, you put them back where they belong. You don't help illegal immigrants, you send them back. But, thats just my opinion. I think that you formatted your essay really nicely and your counter argument was good as well.


Submitted by Francisco on Sun, 2013-01-06 22:26.


I found your essay interesting and the arguments you made striked me as understandable. I enjoyed the fact that you incorporated your views throughout the essay coupled with fascinating quotes. It would be nice if you could clarify as to what you mean when you say "America won't fund education for them" that is, illegal immigrants. Overall I enjoyed reading your essay. You did a fine job presenting your essay and backing it up with quotes. I hope to read more of your posts in the future.