GALE Research Results

Apr 25, 2016

Continuing my research on the topic "brain death," I have come to narrow it down more to a more specific area: the question of morality in life-sustaining measures for brain-dead patients. This is a heavy and emotionally charged topic for many, and I see the issue of maintaining objectiveness as a hurdle in writing my paper, however, that is a hurdle I will jump for down the road (or should I say "track").

Having moved past the preliminary research on my topic, I am exploring more of my specific topic, and to start, I looked on the GALE research database through my school's "Learning Commons" website. To my disappointment, there was no really helpful research related to my topic of "life-sustaining measures for brain-dead patients." I searched broad and specific terms in the search bar with key words such as "brain-death" and "traumatic brain injury" to only find that the results showed articles on research related to brain death but material that beats around the bush. It was mostly material on the molecular science behind the death of neurons. It was fascinating to read, but a research topic for a future date. I believe one reason why I didn't find the research relevant was because I was looking for more opinionated research on science-based databases... Hopefully my next research spree will be more useful!