Gale Research: Video games and kids

Feb 13, 2014
by: NMMarron
Kids and Video games

Today, video games are becoming more and more realistic. Some games are also becoming more violent and gruesome. When children play violent video games, he/she is being desensitized to killing. The rating system is practically useless and a 12-year old can easily play a mature rated game, which is intended for the ages 17 and older.

Kids can get any video game their parents will let them play. Today, it’s not unusual to hear the voice of a 10 year old yelling through his/her microphone, while playing Call of Duty. The Supreme Court says the government can’t ban the sale of video games to kids. Banning video games would violate the Constitution’s guarantee of free expression.

Video game addictions are a serious problem with todays youth. Many parents have witnessed gaming addictions in their children. Child psychiatrist Michael Brody said if a child needs video games to function and if he/she becomes upset if he/she doesn't get to play the video game, this child is considered addicted to video games. However, the issue of excessive playing of video games has yet to be listed as a true addiction.

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I do agree with your point

Submitted by JustTerribl on Fri, 2014-03-07 13:14.

I do agree with your point  sir but the stores that sell the M rated gaame to kids.This is my opion is that even though they get parents concent kids shouldn't have these games yet. You have a good point. 

This was a very interesting

Submitted by 18fut on Fri, 2014-04-11 17:51.

This was a very interesting post that I found to catch my attention. I was recently wonder whether children can be addicted to their consoles. I have seen everything that you have mentioned here in this post such as young people playing rated M games. Some of my classmates play for hours on their gaming consoles over the weekends or whenever they have time which makes them more caring about how they are playing their game than how they are doing in school. It is also true that they will get upset if they have days where they don't or can't play and get really irritated. Your post showed me that one can have a gaming addiction.