The Game I like & Ayiti: Cost of Life

Mar 6, 2010
by: 15LANGK

The Game I like vs. Ayiti: Cost of Life
by Kylie

Not all games are the same. Some are video games or computer games played for enjoyment and leisure. Others seem to be designed to appeal to teens or adults. They want to make a game that everyone would like and want to play over and over again. While some are played simply for educational purposes. Whatever game it is, the goals are always the same: To be able to win and complete the game. I like playing games because they are so fun. Some are about fantasy worlds which gives you a chance to escape from everything and travel to a whole new world. Most of the games I play are creative and fantasies.

I am addicted to spending a lot of time playing. I personally like adventure and action. Also online games where you can talk and meet with other people: Chobots, Mario Karts, Ghost Squad, Wandering Willows, Wario: Smooth Moves and Anything and everything that can bring a family together. I love to play on the Wii, it's like you are actually in the game, I feel proud of myself because it means I accomplished one of my goals, I also like playing multi-player games with my family. I enjoy knowing that I'm one step closer to having fun, to being a winner. If I happen to lose, I do what any other player would do. I tell myself that I should just try again and if I am relaxed and calm, I might be able to win. For me, winning a game isn't everything. It feels good to win but games are supposed to make you happy not mad. The game that I liked was Chobots. It's an online game and I said Chobots is like a bedtime story. Chobots is in a fantasy world and most bedtime stories are fairy tales.

Recently, I've been spending some time playing the game Ayiti: Cost of Life. This is a game in which you have to help a family in Haiti. You assign each family member a job during a season sticking to your strategy of winning. The goal of the game is to help the family survive four years. If both the parents pass away, the game is over. This is a goal easier said than done. To get a good paying job, you need to get an education. When the family members work or study too hard, they start to get sick. In order for them to get healthy again, you need to send them to the hospital requiring a lot of money. By the end of the game, if you are lucky enough to make to the end of level 1, some of the family members might not be there any more. At the end of each year, or level, it gives you the status of your family like what school certificates you got and the condition of the family.

The first time you play the game, you have a hard time lasting the full four years. Many of the family members die of diseases like Bloody Diarrhea. It really isn't until the third or fourth time when the game starts to get repetitive that you truly realize a strategy or method of playing so the whole family survives. You also find out that when you get an education, the jobs pay a lot more and you notice which jobs make them the sickest. You begin to feel sorry for all the people in Haiti because you can see one of the situations that some of the families are in. With so many people, it's hard to manage them all with such bad conditions.

There are times when you are playing this game that you want to quit. You don't want to... go through all the people getting sick and some passing away. But you keep going because you are determined to helping this family survive. So you keep playing, keep trying. Trying to complete the game without anyone dying. You want to see what you can do to help and how they can live the best. My strategy is health. If the parents die then the game is over so when they get sick, I always send them to the hospital. To prevent them from getting sick more often, I let them "take it easy" so they don't get stressed out and depressed. I said Ayiti is like an online school. It's a place you learn a lesson about how fortunate we are and how the people in Haiti are.