The Game I love & Ayiti:Cost of Life

Feb 11, 2010

I don't really play games at home. I'd rather spend my time doing other things and that was how I was raised. I'm accustomed to not want to play games and have an overly obsessive attachment to them. But when I'm extremely bored, my favorite online game would be "Diner Dash." I like to play it when it's in "Endless Shift Mode." [That means you stop whenever you want and normally I could go on for hours if I start.] I like downloading the latest versions of "Diner Dash" too because they're more updated and fun. The graphics are always getting better in quality and they try to incorporate new techniques in the game to make it more challenging in a way.

Compared to "Ayiti: Cost of Life," "Diner Dash" is more fun. I get annoyed with the music in "Ayiti" when it starts going on and on. It's kind of annoying with the constant whistling and all. If you die, you don't get a second chance to play that season over again, so you will never know what could happen. In "Diner Dash," if you get to a really high level and mess up, there's an option for you to try it over again. "Ayiti" is challenging because you have to figure out how to win and it's kind of like daily life. You need to budget your costs, keep your priority straight, and make sure that your health and happiness is positive. I guess this game is based on skill, but even though, it's really interesting and not like anything I have every played before.

If "Diner Dash" were a color, it would be the color yellow. Yellow always reminds me of a sunny bright day and that's what I think about when I play this game. It's not depressing and it's really addictive once you start playing. You want to beat the high score and get lots of money to keep your diner running. Sometimes my hand and wrist starts to hurt after playing for a long time, but I jut can't stop.

If "Ayiti: Cost of Life" were a color, it would be the color orange. I think the color orange is under rated and no one really pays attention to it. Whenever I think of the color orange, I think of things that stand out and are abnormal. It's a color that you would not normally think of and is just there, just like "Ayiti." It's a game that not everyone would think of playing and may seem appealing at times and boring at times.

The game, "Diner Dash" is set in a fictional world, where the settings differ based on which version you are playing. No matter what, it is set in a diner, restaurant, outside patio, or something with a grille. The first thing a player has to do is pick what you want to play. Usually there are 2 modes of formal play and one tutorial or practice stage. Gameplay primarily consists of keeping your customers happy, getting their orders and food to them as fast as possible, and making sure you're upgrading your restaurant to make it better as the game goes on. Flo, the main character works around the clock to serve people in different places. You can dress her up and even buy her skates to make her faster. She has to make sure that she clears table so that new customers can sit and you can match their colors to the table to get extra points. You can brew coffee or play music so that your customers' happiness will remain happy.

The game, "Ayiti:Cost of Life" is set in a simliar setting to "Diner Dash." It's set in a animated realistic setting world known as Haiti. It was developed by programmers from UNICEF and other people to try to portray what life in Haiti is like. The first thing a player has to do in this game is choose their strategy. They have to pick whether their goal is to focus on maintaining the family's health, money, happiness or education. Then from there you can start playing the game and setting up your family for the seasons to come. Gameplay primarily consists of trying to survive. The family has a mother, father, 2 brothers and 1 sister. There are 4 years you want to try to complete with 4 seasons a year. You have to manage your money to help your family past by - decide who goes to work where, who goes to school, and who stays at home at what times. Of course your ultimate goal is to have money. With money, you are able to buy more supplies for your family, get them treated if they are sick, and give them a happier and better life. You may not necessarily have a lot of money, but as long as everyone is together, life is good. You get to use your instincts to try to keep this family alive. You don't really need any skill or knowledge of what happened in Haiti to play it. The first time I played the game, I had some knowledge of what was happening in Haiti, but it doesn't make a big difference. The game will take you step by step in some parts and explain a lot of Haiti culture and you learn about a lot of health issues too. Like when someone gets sick, there are a few terms that will pop up, but don't worry too much about them. It's a single player game, so you should be able to have some fun with it.


Dear Helen, I can't believe

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Submitted by achan on Thu, 2010-02-25 10:30.

Dear Helen, I can't believe that you're not a gaming person. I was surprised when you and a few others raised their hands when the teacher asked us. But at least you play diner dash. I remember back when I first tried it out. It was a demo on my phone and I use to play it when I was bored. Diner Dash is a million times funner than Cost of Life. No matter how many times I try to change the way I see Cost of life, I can't seem to bring myself to like it. You said that DDash upgraded? And now you can dress Flo up? See, DD gets updgraded from time to time and the people makes changes to make it more fun. Cost of Life is so boring and it'll probably never get upgraded. It's probably a one time thing. I like how you can buy Flo skates and clothes. But since the game use to be on my old phone, and it's only a demo, I can only go up to stage 6 o 7. And sorry, it's not a game I would download. But it is a fun game to pass time.  :)

Hi Rea! ^^ You were

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Submitted by helen.peng on Thu, 2010-02-25 10:34.

Hi Rea! ^^

You were surprised?! XD Hehe.

I didn't like playing "Ayiti:Cost of Life" either. I was trying to imply for others to try it out because it was different from other games I've played in the past. But yeah, I definately did not like it either.

& YES! "Diner Dash" has upgraded and you can change Flo's clothes! I go on Yahoo Games and download it to play for an hour. It's really addicting!

Anywho, thanks for commenting! :D