Mar 9, 2010
by: HLee

Ayiti vs Solitaire

      Well Solitaire is a very basic game. I'm really addicted to it and I play it once everyday. The thing is I usually play in the morning on the train because the game is on my ipod. I get really addicted to it that sometimes I play for 30 minutes straight without realizing it. It's really easy and I win all the time. Once in a while, my brother and I  play against each other to see who gets a higher score. It's 50-50 since sometimes I win and sometimes he does. 
     Well Ayiti is a game where you try to make a family survive for a year; 3 kids and two parents. When I played the game it was slightly annoying for the fact that one of the kids were pretty useless unless he was volunteering. I always bought home remedies and books for them. The home remedies helped with them going to the hospital less and the books helped with their education. I ended up with 5 diplomas in the end and a lot of goud. I sucked at first since I just did everything without a strategy, but now that I do its really fun.
     There are many differences and similarities between the two games. If the two were some sort of smell, solitaire would smell really fancy and ayiti would smell like sweat since I make the family in the game work really hard. If Ayiti and Solitaire were numbers, Ayiti would be pi and solitaire would more like 0. The reason being that in Ayiti, you have more of a choice on how to finish the game and the way to make your family survive is probably endless. In solitaire, you just have one way of solving and the result is always the same in the end.
    Solitaire is one of the easiest games you can play in my opinion. I think you can win just by luck or by skill. It really doesn't take much skill to play it though. I'm still addicted to it...maybe I should just stop trying to play and go play something else.