Gang Part II

Feb 10, 2009
by: Diego

This is a continuation  of my last post about gangs in America. I am making the subject more about were i live so  i am going to talk about Utah's gangs.

The Utah House passed a bill Thursday that prohibits gang members from loitering in a public place designated as a gang free zone.

Bill to Prohibit Gang Members From Loitering Passes in the House - KCPW

I think that if you make a law about gangs hanging around "gang free zones" i think that gangs will want to hang around them more then ever. gangs breaks laws no matter what so what will stop them from hanging around "gang free zones." In a book called Freedom writers. a young gang member says " i am a solder not of the war but of the streets." this is what many kids in gangs feel. Gangs pick kids that have had rough childhoods and that are need of a family. thats what a gang is its a kind of family to them.