Gardening can be work and fun

May 20, 2010
by: Jmo

Recently I went to the Kissena Corridor Park Garden found a lovely plot of land managed by a old Korean lady, I didn't get to ask her what her name was, nor did I really talk to her. She was working diligently on taking out the weed and watering  the plants, and I noticed that her garden had quite a bit of diversity in it. Many of the things I noticed were a tree, seedlings, some weeds, some tall flowers, possibly sunflowers. Another thing I noticed about the the plot was how neat it was and how well the lady kept it. For example it was in extremely neat rows and everything was organized in a orderly fashion on the size of the of the plant and its use.

Another thing I noticed about her garden was that it was kind of isolated. This woman's garden in a far corner with a plot that had barely been worked on, a huge tree blocking the view of the other plot and a dead plot in the diagonal of her which kind of makes me feel bad because there is no one near her to keep her company or to keep her gardening spirit high. After my second visit I noticed that the two plots near her had taken bloom and were thriving which made me feel better because I realized that there is people around her to keep her company, Also the plot of land I was doing apparently is owned by twopeople which is kind of awkward.

So far my chosen plot of land is doing quite well and the plants are growing at a amazing rate I can see most of the plants are no longer seedlings but are mostly buddings which is very  pleasant to see. I hope to see these wonderful plants grow into full fledged flowers or vegetables

In class we watched a TED video by a woman who oversees school lunches in Berkeley, California. A quote from Ann Cooper that stood out to me was: "We spend 35,000 dollars on average a year keeping a prisoner in prison and school districts spend 500 dollars a year feeding a child. its no wonder, you know we have criminals."  When I read this statement I was shocked at how distant the 2 numbers were and when I think about keeping a prisoner in prison is for safety reasons, but if we dont keep children nourished  and cared for they will become prisoners due to bad influence and lack of control.

Another quote from Ann Cooper was:"They spend 500 dollars marketing food that kids shouldn't eat for every one dollar marketing healthy nutritious food.The result of which is kids think they're going to die if they don't have their chicken nuggets" which I agree with knowing from experience of my little seven-year-old sister always wanted McDonald and the chicken nuggets and my mom usually buys them for her thinking that it is made with "100% real white chicken meat" which I now know is a false statement, and even if it was true the way they cook makes it unhealthy anyway.

Very recently I help Mr. Allison do some gardening while my grade went on the senior trip and I realized how much work/fun it was to put effort  into little plants and then to wait for the plants to bud and grow into beutiful plants. I hope to come back in a few years and expect to see tons of EWSIS students working on the garden at their own free will and to see tha we have a much larger plot of land with many more things growing