Garfield's Walk with Jon

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16riadc

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I created the Scratch animation Garfield’s walk with Jon as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is My story is about Garfield walking with his owner, Jon Arbuckle. Garfield sees a hot dog stand while they are walking and wants a hot dog. He has a decision to go to the hot dog stand and leave Jon, or go home and not eat anything, when he is still hungry. If he does go to the hot dog stand, then Jon starts to look for him but doesn’t find him. Garfield then gets lost.
My story was inspired by the cartoon character Garfield.
I think I was successful in creating my story because I met all of the requirements. I think my story also has a good ethical decision that the reader has to make. My story has two possible endings. It is a interesting and unique story, since its not everyday where a cat has to choose to stay with its owner or go to the hot dog stand and end up getting lost. The story is definitely for children up to 13 years old and the reader affects the story.



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Submitted by 16benaresb on Thu, 2012-01-05 17:02.

I enjoyed how you based your story off Garfield.
I was confused by the ethical decision in your story. Is the decision whether or not to eat a hotdog? Will anything bad actually happen if he eats a hotdog? I don't think it's that tempting. I also think your story is a little too short but other than that I liked it.


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Submitted by 16langk on Thu, 2012-01-05 00:06.

I I noticed that when the sprites talk, it goes by too quickly, so I didn't have enough time to read it.
The ethical dilemma in your story is whether or not to get a hot dog. This is kind of confusing because it isn't really a bad thing to get a hot dog. Also the unethical decision isn't tempting.


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Submitted by 16carrollj on Thu, 2012-01-05 17:37.

I liked your game about garfield, I found it to be amusing. I did find it confusing where the background did not go with the story, because when you made the mechanics to continue with the story it went by so fast that i couldn't read it so it kind of made the story hard to understand. The ethical decision in your story was whether or garfield should choose to get a hotdog and leave his owner or leave the hotdog and go with Jon.


Submitted by 16heronp on Thu, 2012-01-05 22:06.

Nice game..... but wait.... I had to play it multiple times to understand what they were saying though :P
But I was next to you when you made it so.... yeah... but it was really cool but I also had trouble understanding what the decision was..... I also found a button that made the background change XD