Generation Z

Feb 22, 2012
by: CListon

I found this really good article for my english research paper on generation z. I am comparing the differences among generations and generation Z is the newest generation that is still being born. The dates for generation z are 1995 to 2012. The article describes generation Z as an activist generation that will "mobilize around issues" they care about. With technology as a commonplace they are going to be multitasking more than any previous generation and will constantly be moving. They will constantly be communicating with people but may have more trouble with face-to-face conversations or public speaking. They are very "independent thinkers that move rapidly from one information source to another." But it is too early to tell how well they will integrate into the current workforce. I have been extensively research different generations but it has been difficult to find information on generation z because it is so recent. So it was great to come across this article that provides a lot of insight to how generation z has started to grow and what they will be in the near future.