Getting admin support for having students post on open networks like YV

Jan 30, 2015

Last week, on Teachers Teaching Teachers, a group talked about issues for those who are new to Youth Voices. A question came up about getting administrator support for students participating in open networks like Youth Voices. Here is a link to that part of the show.

What are your experiences with this issue? What are your arguments and what has been successful in convincing your administration?

From my standpoint, this is a discussion I've had with many administrators and school boards. The argument that been the most compelling is that kids are out on the (unfiltered) Internet everyday, with or without us. I'd rather have them learning digital literacy skills in a scaffolded, mentored role with a responsible adult teacher so that they can develop good judgement and skills. I think this is a responsibility that we have as educators. Burying our heads in the sand won't develop media literate citizens.

Please post some comments here with arguments or resources you've found that might help others with this issue.