Gheddo vs. White

Mar 21, 2015

The story of the animation will be about a group of ghetto kids making fun of a nerds name and telling him to be more ghetto or “cool”. Then they force him to go to a dance. At the dance, it turns out to be an alien appears and takes them to a different place. The nerd then beats up the alien and also the ghetto dudes. They both disappear, and finally he's left alone in space not knowing how to get back down , yet still being able to take in oxygen. Then he realizes he will be stuck for the rest of his life. This will then be how the story ends. I give credit to a ghetto gang that was making fun of an Asian. The reason why I didn't use an Asian sprite though was because in the gallery there was no Asian sprite. Thank you ghetto gang, because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't of had a successful project animation.

Setting: School
[Enter Dick: Stage Left]
[Enter Gang: Stage Right]
Delano: Hey? What ‘ya think ‘ya doin’?
Bellagio: Ya man, what ‘ya think ‘ya doin’?
Dick: Umm, (cough, cough) I’m just chillin’ dawg. You?
Monte Carlo: Oh, this kid think he can talk street language, bro. What’s ‘yo name?
Dick: My name is Dick,... Dick Steele.
Wynn: Yo (giggle, giggle), whatev’s, we'll meet you at the club, Dick Steele. (Giggle)
Setting: Club
[Enter Dick: Stage Left]
Enter Gang: Stage Right]
Mandalay Bay: HAHAHA!!! Yo, you’re kiddin’ right? He’s actually here!!!
Dick: Um, I was actually supposed to meet my date, and instead, you guys appeared.
Paris Las Vegas: This kids funny. How about you come with us to a journey, where everyone is like us.
Dick: Look, I have to study for the Regents, okay? I’ll stay next time.
Delano: Nah bro, you ain’t goin’ no where.
Monte Carlo: Ya dawg, you can study our language!!!
Dick: No please just let me-
[Enter Vegas: Stage Left]
Paris Las Vegas: Ahhh!!! What is that ugly extra terrestrial thing!!!???
Vegas: I am Vegas. An alien from a different galaxy than this one. Let me take you to a “Starry Night”. (Giggle).
Setting: Stars
[Enter Vegas: Stage Left]
[Enter Gang & Dick: Stage Right]
Bellagio: Woah, look at her she’s really-
Wynn: Ugly!!! Oh my lord help me!!!
Vegas: Whatever. Mr. Steele, I love your last name. You know the metal, steel is very hard right? Hmmm, your muscles are very hard. Oh they’re your bones.
Dick: Shut up!!!
Vegas: Oww, that hurt, you little freak!!! No, I’m-
Dick: See ya “hard bone” alien!!!
[Exit Vegas (Fade): Stage Center]
Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Wynn, Delano, Paris Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay: Woah thanks dawg, you-
Dick: You too gheddo street dudes!!!
Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Wynn, Delano, Paris Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay: Noo!!!
Dick Thinks: Oh no! How am I supposed to get back home?!
Dick: Noo!!!
Dick: Wow, that was just one of those dreams again.
Jack: Stop talking to yourself Dick!!!
Dick: What the, I forgot my name's actually- never mind. Good morning Mr. Goff.
Jack: Full name Dick Steele, full name.
Dick: Good morning, Jack Goff.

Developer's Logs:

The inspiration of this animation was from a neighborhood I visited. (I don’t know where I got the jail part though). One day, I was visiting a school in Jamaica for baseball practice. Then I saw a nerdy caucasian guy being bullied by a group of ghetto people. I didn’t record, but I knew I would use it as one of my flash fiction stories. The gang was bullying him and telling him yo mama jokes. I didn’t know what happened afterwards, because I had to go back home and study for a test too. So I continued the story with my own imagination. And so I added the part where they met him at the nightclub. Then an alien comes and takes them to a so called “Starry Night” which should end up to be very “peaceful”. The alien starts making fun of the nerd but ignores stuff that the ghetto say which. Then the white guy fights back at both the alien and the ghetto. Then he realizes that he will be stuck in the mysterious place forever. Then he wailed and wanted to come back home. After those parts, I couldn’t think of anything else to write, so I wrote that it was just a dream from a man, and that man was a prisoner, in jail.
Today, I started my Scratch animation and it went very well. If it wasn’t for Christy Guan, this project wouldn’t have been successful. She taught me how to do the broadcast thing because I didn’t know how to do it, and since my dialogue was really long, I really needed to know how the concept worked. I finished half of the project and have to do the rest at my house. This project will be very successful though.

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