Sep 24, 2008
by: MMomose

This is the introduction and you are now reading it if you have not noticed yet. This is about the current moments that I have written about since the theme was "right now". Do not mind the title because it has nothing to do with this. It is just to fill in the requirements of this essay because I had to make a catchy title.
    This paragraph is about how much I wanted to go to the bathroom that day. This is something that has occurred multiple times, so I have gotten used to it. I believe this is the most amusing one out of the three and it is a good way to start out the essay to get you interested.

    I feel like going to the bathroom right now. I can't go at the moment because I have to finish this free-write without stopping. This is one of the inconveniences of being in school. It's too bad I can't stop writing in a free-write and I was just told that I had to write a full page of this. It is not a serious issue and it's not like I can't hold it for another period. I am just feeling very uncomfortable while writing. I want to ask, but I can't because this free-write is holding me back at the moment. I can see now that I am almost done with the page, so that I may finally ask to go to the bathroom. My teacher, Mr.Allison seemed to be surprised about my theme, but all I care about is going to the bathroom to relieve myself. My annoyance is increasing as I get closer to finishing this page and now I finally filled it.
    Of course, this will not be as great as the previous one and I must admit that this is the one I have spent the least amount of time on. It was a last minute attempt to finish the memory chain assignment and get credit for it. This one explains what was going through my mind as I did the memory chain.
    I have already completed the memory chain a couple of days ago. The assignment was ridiculously troublesome because I had to think back, but somehow ended back to what I was doing right now which was this assignment. I dislike loitering around in the past, even thinking back is troublesome. I get lazy attempting to recall memories even from the previous day. I definitely did not enjoy doing this assignment.
    I find the last of the three the second most interesting, but that's just my opinion. This is about how hot I was that day and I describe my thoughts about it.
    The weather was very humid and hot during the assignment. It turns to an almost burning sensation when you step out of the building after school in the afternoon. I can feel the moisture on the skin of my face. I imagined myself in a hot humid rainforest for a brief moment with light reflecting off my sweat. Hopefully, the climate dies down into a cooler state soon. I checked the news today and it feels just as hot as they said it would right now. Luckily, I am not outside at the moment and it looks very cloudy so hopefully, it will still be cloudy and block the sunlight as much as possible. I heard it will rain tomorrow so it won't be hot as it is right now, gladly.



I liked your message

Submitted by jsmith on Fri, 2008-09-26 09:37.

I liked your message "ghetoooooohhh" because its amazing how you can elaborate on a topic so small and minor. I lways have to use the bathroom at the wrong time. its really cool how you think. yeah,even though i dont like winter,im still kind of looking forward to the winter because the heat was killing me.I really cant do anything when i have to use the bathroom. Its also cool how your basically saying the same thing over and over but in a diffrent way.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is " my annoyance is increasing as i get closer to finishing this page and now i finally filled it". This stood out for me because that happens to me all the time. I would be on the bus on my way home and all of a sudden i would have to urinate really bad,so obviously MY annoyance increases as i get closer and closer to home and when im finally their. im so releived.

Another sentence that i found intresting was "it turns to an almost burning sensation when you step out of the building afterschool in the afternoon". Yeah i HATE that. It feels as though uve stepped into an oven or something. I dislike the heat strangely for the fact that its hot.  so yeah i really liked how you worded it.  When im hot,i feel like crap, So thats another reason i dont like the heat.

Your story reminds me of something that happened to me. one time i was on the bus and i had to pee reaaal bad and when i got to my bulding. i realized that i forgot my keys in my house that morning. I thought i would let go of myself but it was finally releived just in time. I asked the super if he could let me into my house and he did. i was soo happy.

thank you for writing,i look forwardto seeing what you write next because again, i really like how you can talk about such a small topic and delve deep into something so minor. its really cool. I guess you could say its an inconvenience of life if you will.