The Gift of Surviving

Apr 7, 2009
by: A.Clayton

With more and more woman being diagnosed with breast cancer there is more research being done.  And all of the support from the Walk For The Cure, and many other organizations there is tons and tons of money being put into the funds to research breast cancer.  But one great thing for woman is support.  The support from not only family members and friends, but the support from other woman who have survived.  Most woman say,

God truly blessed me.

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

But for many woman having breast cancer comes as a shock, they think of other people having it but never think it could happen to them personally.  After woman have gone through all the treatments many woman realize just how lucky they really are, and how great life really is.  Even with such a big obstacle put in their path.  They realize what family really means, and often become for religious, looking for God, and realizes he is leading them through things.



Life is a true gift - cherish it!!!

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories