The Girl

May 5, 2016

What if you are home alone and the door opened on its own... What will would you do? Well there was a girl who killed kids for their blood.

One day Cloe was home alone after her friend left from a party. When she went to her room she saw the floor was soaked, full of blood. She then heard a voice and it said “ I WANT YOUR BLOOD” so Chloe ran to her room and locked her door and the voice got louder and louder and she got even more frightened. She went to the bathroom, locked the door behind her and looked in the mirror and saw the words ‘’I WANT YOUR BLOOD” written in blood. Chloe ran outside and she went to Sam”s house, her friend and she knocked on his door and he opened it and she ran inside.

Chloe told him that there is a voice in her house but Sam did not believe her .So Sam and Chloe went back to her house . The door was locked in front.

So Chloe and Sam went to the back of the house and Chloe took a rock and threw the rock at the window. Chloe and Sam went through the window and the voice got louder, “ I WANT YOUR BLOOD” and Sam believe Chloe. Sam and Chloe went to the bathroom to show Sam the mirror and Sam saw the mirror and Sam got scared too. Sam and Chloe went to Chloe’s bedroom and Sam asked “where are your parents” Chloe responded “at a party and I called them but they did not pick up, that’s why I went to your house”.

Sam and Chloe were so scared they fell asleep together. The next day Sam called their friends Sasha and Frankie to see if they will come to Chloe’s house.

15 minutes later

Sasha and Frankie came by and went to the front of the house but it was locked so they went to the back Chloe said here hang on ,she had a rope in her hand.

So Sasha and Frankie hang on the rope and Chloe pulled them up because Sasha and Frankie can go up in her room. When they got in chloe’s room Chloe explain why sam call them and she said ‘’ the reason why Sam called you guys is because there is a ghost in my house , and Sasha and Frankie do not believe her .

So Sam showed them the picture on his phone and they believe Chloe,now it the night and sam ,chloe hold hands and Sasha , Frankie saw them holding hand so they went down down the stair if the voice is gone so sam,Chloe, Saha, Frankie went down stairs and they thought wrong the voice said” I WANT YOUR BLOOD,I WANT YOUR BLOOD,I WANT YOUR BLOOD “ and they go so scared that Sam got his dad gun and the voice was a girl so Sam shot the girl and [ if you kill the girl she will make more of her and become double]Sam and the girls saw the girl make a clone of herself so they ran out of the house and the house turned old and deteriorated.

They then went back in the house and the voice stopped. because the voice was the girl so Sam went upstairs to see if she is there and Chloe said to sam”be careful” said Chloe sam said “ ok said sam to Chloe. Chloe saw him walking upstair and Chloe screamed and sam came down and Sasha and Frankie was crying because the girl killed Chloe and Sam was so mad that he told Sasha and Frankie to get gun and weapons. they went to the kitchen and sasha found Chloe‘s dad gun and Frankie got Chloe’s mom gun and Sasha and Frankie went to the living room to kill the girl , when they got there sam was crying because Chloe died so Sam saw theme they made a circle and they saw 12 of the girl and Sam told them that Sasha will go to the left and Frankie go to the right and I will go to the real one and he said” GO and sam saw the real girl Sam ran so fast that he ran like the flash, and sam said stop to the girl and said “STOP why did you kill my girlfriend and now you have to pay the price“ , said Sam and the girl tried to hit him but she missed and sam slashed her with a knife and she is dead and all of herself was dead and Chloe was alive.

They lived happily ever after but the question is[ will she come back to life?] we will never know.