Global Warming Research

May 16, 2012
by: valang

I have decided to write about Global warming because it is something we don't normally talk about, and for that matter we don't do much about. Global warming is mostly caused by humans because of our lack of knowledge and care about the environment. The first signs of trouble in the ozone layer were noticed in 1985 and seens , the problem hasn't gotten any better

I found a website from NASA and it tells all about the history of the ozone layer and when was is first seen in trouble, what is the ozone layer , where is the ozone layer located, and what we can do to prevent more deterioration of the ozone layer. Most of the articles I have read do support my thesis: “The ozone layer is not getting better and we are not doing much about it”, for example, “ is in now danger because of the careless attitude of humans” this statement was found in,

So far my work has been sort of difficult. Is hard to find reliable sources that actually agree with me thesis, and is also hard because every time I find an article and read it I want to know more. So I hope that later in my research I can focus on what i actually have to write about and just make sure I answer my questions later.


So much passion!

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Submitted by aboulhosn on Wed, 2012-05-30 11:23.

I'm really looking forward to reading your paper! I hope you've been able to find some good research that supports your thesis. There really is a lot to be done about this issue, and not a lot of people are willing to care about something that seems so far into the future.

Great work so far!